These technological specifications of Iphone 14 pro and 14 pro max will shock you

The release of the iPhone 14 lineup may occur in the next few days. On September 7, 2022, Apple will most likely reveal these high-end iPhones. The alleged information about the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is listed below.

Display and Notches

iPhone 14: Every new feature coming this year

According to Apple (6.7-inch), the iPhone 14 Pro (6.1-inch) and iPhone 14 Pro Max might not have a notch. According to reports, these phones will have a pill and hole-punch design. 

Further, the always-on display (AOD) functionality may become available for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. According to reports, this update was for the iPhone 13. But it has been delayed until the next model.


How iPhone 14 Pro's Whopping 48MP Camera Will Change Your Phone Photography - CNET

Since a few years ago, the Cupertino tech titan has used a 12MP wide sensor on its iPhone models. Also, things may finally be changing with the debut of the iPhone 14 Pro this year. Also, it upgrades Apple to a 48MP sensor. It would improve the Pro iPhones’ photography and filmmaking performance even more. This phone will likely exclude the upgraded camera from the regular iPhone 14 models.

An Interactive User Experience on iPhone with Dynamic Island

Apple Unveils iPhone 14 Pro With Dynamic Island, Always-On Display, 48MP Camera, and More - MacRumors

Dynamic Island is a design that blurs the boundaries between hardware and software. Also, it adapts in real-time to provide vital warnings, notifications, and activities. Dynamic Island opens up new ways to connect with the iPhone. 

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The TrueDepth camera has been modified to use less screen space since the release of Dynamic Island. Without interfering, Dynamic Island maintains the screen’s active state. Then it is with material that enables tap-and-hold access to controls for users. Apps from other developers can make use of Dynamic Island in iOS 16. It maintains ongoing background activities like Maps, Music, or a timer visible. Also, it is interactive while providing information like sports scores and ride-sharing with Live Activities.

Pricing of iPhone 14 and 14 pro

The Cupertino technology behemoth frequently sticks to the same pricing range with each yearly iteration. The prices for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are, respectively, $1,000 and $1,100. So, if we had to guess, the iPhone 14 equivalents should be about the same in price. 

iPhone 14 Pro Add-Ons

The iPhone lineup for this year may allow satellite communications in an emergency. According to reports, the capability would enable you to call for assistance in no-service zones if an accident occurs. Lastly, the business might incorporate an automobile crash detection program. T Fall Detection is already available to Apple Watch users. 

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