Billie Lourd shows of her baby bump, as she’s expecting a 2nd child with husband Austen Rydell

Billie Lourd was expecting her second child and made a public announcement. Hence it is about her pregnancy during the red carpet premiere of her film Ticket to Paradise. 

Event Details 

Billie Lourd Debuts Baby Bump in Rodarte Dress at Premiere | POPSUGAR Fashion

On September 7, the Booksmart actress, 30, and her spouse, Austen Rydell, attended the event in London. Lourd cradled her expanding baby belly, which was visible in her sparkly pink dress. Hence it is viewed as if she posed on the carpet with her beau. Therefore they grinned for the cameras; Rydell looked proudly. Furthermore, it is at the American Horror Story alum.

First Child of the Couple

American Horror Story's Billie Lourd reveals birth of first child

The former Scream Queens star earlier revealed her first baby details. Also, the child was born in September 2020. Then, she posted a picture of her son’s feet on Instagram. Her child’s name is Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell.

Lourd Secret About First Pregnancy

Lourd kept her first pregnancy a secret. During an Instagram Live conversation in November 2020, she raved about her child. She looked back on how her pregnancy affected her health the following year. 

Hence she states in an Instagram story that the first trimester wasn’t easy. While carrying Kingston, she yearned for ice cream the most. But you get through it, and it’s worth every second of strange emotions and acne. All that great jazz when your little human arrives. She reminisced in February 2021. It was beets after a little scare with gestational diabetes. 

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Lourd Family

The native Californian is the granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds. The late Carrie Fisher is her mother. Her family laughed off the many families that grew during the COVID-19 lockdown. She earlier disputed that her son was a quarantined baby. 

Then, she said Kingston was born before the quarantine. She told Bruce Bozzi, her stepfather, that he was only a Caribbean baby in January 2021. 

Pregnancy Experience of Lourd

Lourd’s pregnancy experience was made all the more special by her decision to keep it hidden. She said, “when we posted that tiny image of his feet, everyone was astonished. It eventually reduced to just being something she did with my closest loved ones. But she claimed that it turned out to be the best experience.”

This year was with happy milestones for Lourd and Rydell, who became engaged in June 2020. Moreover, it is after infrequently dating for four years. In March, the pair exchanged vows in Mexico. 

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