Google Chrome has a latest update with security fix, and you should install it ASAP

Google Chrome users with OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux systems must update it. So to protect themselves from severe security flaws, they should update their browsers. The protection is from cyber criminals who are aggressively trying to exploit.

Blog Post by Google

Google claimed, “Google is aware of assertions that an attack for CVE-2022-3075 exists in the wild,” in a blog post on September 2. According to the Google Chrome company, the update will be available to all clients in the following days or weeks. Thus, a tip-off from an unnamed source on August 30 revealed the problem.

Details about the Problem in Chrome

Hackers are actively taking advantage of this significant security flaw. The company hasn’t yet disclosed much information about the nature of the problem. Based on the information we currently have to do with Mojo. 

Mojo Functional Code of Chrome Details

Additionally, Mojo is a collection of runtime libraries utilized by Chromium. Moreover, Mojo is the foundational code of Google Chrome. Hence it is about what to do with “insufficient data validation.” 

Statement from the Chrome Company

The company said, “Access to problematic information and links may be restricted until most users were given the information of a fix.” Google reserves this information for the time being. Thus it will be hard for hackers to figure out how to exploit the weakness since the new update may close the attack chance to hackers.

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How to check and Update Google Chrome

Users of Chrome must restart the browser to activate the update. It will upgrade Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux to version 105.0.5195.102. 

Moreover, to check that you’re using the latest recent version, click the three dots in the top right corner of your browser. Go to “Help.” Then move to “About Google Chrome” to see if Chrome is the most recent version on your computer.

Release Date for Google Chrome Update

On August 30, Chrome released Chrome version 105. Thus, a few days later, Google released the most recent update. That version had previously contained 24 security patches. Even it wasn’t enough.

Errors In Google Chrome This Year

So far this year, Chrome has encountered a zero-day vulnerability six times. It was only in the middle of August that the most current vulnerability that had been widely abused was found.


Stay Tuned for further updates!

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