Everyone now has access to the Twitter Circle!

Beginning in May, Twitter’s Circle feature was put through its paces for beta testing. The social media site was previously only accessible to a select group of users. It is now available on iOS, Android, and desktop computers worldwide.

With Twitter Circle, users will have more say over their Twitter experience. The function allows you to restrict who can see your tweets on a per-tweet basis.

With inspiration from Snapchat’s concept, Instagram implemented a similar feature with its Close Friends circle on Stories, which has proven popular with users.

What about the new feature Twitter Circle?

Most importantly, The Twitter Circle function enables you to send tweets to a smaller group of people. It is now accessible to all users. In May, the platform began rolling out the capability to a small group of beta testers.

Like Instagram’s “close friends” feature, Twitter Circle lets you choose a smaller audience to share your posts with. Whether they follow you or not, Twitter allows you to add up to 150 people to your Circle.

If you’re planning on tweeting anything that you don’t necessarily want everyone to see, you can restrict its audience to only your Circle.

What’s the new update?

When you open the tweet composer, you’ll notice the option to share with your Circle. Firstly, Select the desired instrument from the composer’s top menu and press the Circle button.

Secondly, If you click the Edit button next to the Circle option, you’ll be able to add or remove people as you see fit. They will not be alerted when you add or remove someone from your Circle.

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However, those in your Twitter Circle will notice a badge reading “Only those in @[usernameTwitter]’s Circle can see this tweet,” which will be highlighted underneath the tweet.

This function may provide users with a modicum of privacy improvement without requiring them to switch to a private profile.

The content you share with your Circle is not immune to the platform’s community standards, and it can still be screenshot by other users.

What’s the final take on this feature?

Finally, A Twitter user’s tweets can only be read by their followers if the person has a protected account. The fundamental difference between using a Twitter Circle and not protecting one’s account is.

Twitter Circles, on the other hand, “When you write a Tweet, you select the people who will read it. You can choose to broadcast one Tweet to only your inner Circle and another to everyone who follows you, “business representatives claimed.

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