Get the Windows experience on your Galaxy Z Fold 4

A YouTuber converts a Galaxy Z4 into a Windows Phone. Further, he combined two Android launchers with Bixby Routines to make it work. However, the procedure isn’t ideal. It seems to function quite effectively.

 Samsung Recent Foldable Phone

Samsung’s most recent foldable smartphones are now available. However, they have just begun to appear on store shelves. Some customers are already discovering some intriguing new ways to personalize their usage. For instance, one user of a Galaxy Z Fold 4 was able to turn it into a Windows Phone.

 Operating System of Galaxy Z Fold 4 

YouTuber Mark Spurrell walks us through the process of making. Moreover, his brand-new brand is Galaxy Z Fold 4. It appears to be a full Windows PC. It is a Windows Phone from the outside. Spurrell claims all it takes to transform one of the best foldable phones into a throwback. Also, it is the modification of a few Bixby Routines. The outcome is a folding phone. When closed, it displays the all-too-familiar Windows Phone tiles.

 Other Features 

Spurrell shows the customization in the display. You can move and resize tiles and even alter the icons to match. This phone has some necessary motions for quick access to features. The camera is also customized. The sensation is entirely different on the inside.

Check out this Galaxy Z Fold 4 modded to look like a Windows phone | Flipboard

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 Shortcuts in Galaxy Z Fold 4 

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 starts with a desktop. It resembles Windows 10, complete with shortcuts. A start menu then includes all of your installed apps. A collapsible quick-settings shortcut is in the clock and calendar widgets. A full panel for settings and notifications also takes the place of the pull-down notification shade. These panels are all located in the bottom left corner.

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 Spurrell points out that the procedure isn’t ideal. Because the phone alternates between launchers so frequently, he claims it isn’t as wonky as he anticipated. And he is generally rather pleased with the encounter.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 brings notable improvements on the camera front

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A video given will teach how Spurrell converted his Galaxy Z Fold 4 into a Windows Phone and enjoy. The good ol’ days, watch the whole video up top. Sometimes Microsoft will consider taking inspiration from this for the upcoming Surface Duo 2. 

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