Damage control meet of Erza Miller and WB for The Flash

The Flash has made headlines several times back. The fans will be astonished to know the reason behind it this time. There was a damage control meeting that took place between Ezra and WB. Let’s have a walk through the article to know more. 

The film’s widespread media coverage in 2022 is due to unrelated factors to the movie itself. Additionally, it all comes down to the stunning choices made by the protagonist, Ezra Miller.

Miller reportedly met with De Luca and Abdy for the first time since they took over the film division at the beginning of July. The executives inherited a DC slate in various stages of post-production. Most importantly, there was a glimpse of the conversation released to the public. There has been no response to rumors about the meeting from Warners or Miller’s spokesman.

Details of Ezra Miller's meeting with WB in order to save 'The Flash' have been revealed | Marca

How did Miller grab the spotlight recently?

Miller has been in the spotlight for several months due to their arrests and bizarre behavior. The actor had previously avoided commenting on their problems. Since they’ve been accused of several significant crimes. These include a felony burglary in Vermont and a succession of crimes in Hawaii. There should be actions that warrant an immediate cancellation of “The Flash,”.However, Warner Bros. discovery is still considering its options in this regard. These incidents tarnished his image.

Why did Miller meet the executives of Warner Bros?

Most importantly, Ezra Miller tried to make amends with Warner Bros. 

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Ezra Miller and their CAA agent Scott Metzger recently met with Warner Bros. executives Michael and Pam amidst the current chaos on the Warner Bros. lot. It includes the “Batgirl” funeral screenings. Yet there will be another release date shuffle impacting several projects. Miller expressed regret for his acts and the harm caused. The meeting went on to express the enthusiasm for “The Flash” and its future. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Miller reportedly has strong feelings about the film and Barry Allen’s Flash character.

Warner Bros reportedly has no plans to work with Ezra Miller again after The Flash : r/comicbooks

What are the statements made by Miller?

 Miller also stated that they intend to get help for their mental health problems in the meeting on August 26, 2022. He decided to speak out about the headlines they’d been making over the past few weeks earlier this month. The Flash actor has promised to seek help whenever needed. He also said they intend to make amends and are hopeful for a better future.

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