Sylvia Stallone’s wife has filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage

Sylvester and Jennifer divorced after 25 years. Flavin submitted a petition for divorce on Friday in a Palm Beach County, Florida court. The 76-year-old Rocky actor also provided some consolation even though Stallone and Flavin, 54, began dating in 1988. It is in a Beverly Hills, California, restaurant.

About their Family

They were only wed in 1997. The three daughters are Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlet. Sistine is 24 years old, Sophia is 25, and Scarlet is 20. He also has a son named Seargeoh. It is from his first marriage to Sasha Czack. In 2012, Sage, the oldest child he had with Starlin Wright, died.

Stallone declared in a statement that he treasures his family. These private matters are being resolved amicably and quietly. He regrets to inform that he has asked Sylvester Stallone for a divorce, according to Flavin. It is following a 25-year marriage even though their marriage has ended.

Wedding Anniversary

They are appreciative of their more than 30-year partnership. The silver wedding anniversary was honored. It is to remember the historic event. They each shared an homage to the other on Instagram.

Stallone captioned a photo carousel of the couples with “Happy 25th wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife! What this incredibly generous, committed, patient woman has meant to our lives cannot be adequately stated in words. 

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Photograph Collection of 25 Years

They could only live another 25 years, at most. Flavin added her collection of photographs. Happy 25th wedding anniversary, we say. He appreciates everything they do to keep content and to care for and protect their precious family.

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Their marriage becomes better and better every year, she said. She can’t wait to spend the rest of her days with him. Flavin’s post has already been deleted. On August 10, Flavin posted a picture of herself hugging the couple’s three daughters. 

Everything else is secondary to these girls, she said as the caption for the photo. Family, the truth, and the four of us always. You are our rock, advocate, and the best parent ever declared, Sophia.

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The Blessed Couple

The fact that we have you is truly a blessing. We adore you. The most muscular woman she knows, Sistine continued. We are adding one heart emoji, Scarlet. Images sent to the Daily Mail show Stallone recently appeared in photos with a tattoo of his on-screen Rocky dog Butkus covering Flavin’s face, causing rumors of a breakup.

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