EastEnders Spoiler: Everything about Mitchell’s Flashback Episode

The Mitchell family will be introduced to Eastenders viewers for the first time. It is in the forthcoming flashback episode. The September 5 special debuted last month. It will bring viewers back to the winter of 1979. It is as the Mitchell family copes with the country’s economic unrest.

What is in the Flashback Episode?

The flashback episode will discuss the Mitchell family’s past. It is in a recently released dramatic family portrait. It was taken in a typical dining room from the 1970s. Jaime Winstone is portrayed as the family matriarch Peggy Mitchell. 

While a young Billy Mitchell, who George Greenland will portray, lurks in the background. Peggy is surrounded by her sons, the notorious Mitchell brothers, Phil and Grant. They will be performed by Daniel Delaney and Teddy Jay, respectively.

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Who all are included in the Cast?

Additionally, the image offers hitherto untold EastEnders stories and characters to viewers. Peggy’s husband, Eric, played by George Russo, is seated at the dining table, and Charlie Mitchell. Billy’s older brother, played by Charlie Heptinstall, is positioned next to him in the room’s corner.

What should one Expect in the Episode?

Peggy will have her hands full while keeping the home. During the Episode, cracks start to appear in her marriage to Eric. Phil and Eric are preoccupied with competing for the role of man of the house, escalating tensions. Henry Garrett plays Archie and Rose Reynolds as Glenda. Dean Roberts plays Billy. Charlie’s father, Stephen, will also appear in the flashback episode.

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EastEnders fans explode with excitement for major Mitchell flashback episode

Clues Regarding Phil and Archie

In other scenes of the special Episode, Archie engages in regular antics while Glenda, his wife, keeps an eye on their daughters, Ronnie and Roxy, and tries to keep them out of mischief. Audiences will be taken on a journey back to Phil’s childhood. There clues to his presentation will be revealed as modern-day Phil struggles with increasing pressure from DCI Keeble. Viewers may also acquire insight into the real reason DCI Keeble had a vengeance toward Mitchell.

About Dame Barbara

Dame Barbara Windsor joined the long-running soap opera in 1994. Before becoming its most prominent actress, she first played Peggy Mitchell. Dame Barbara passed away in 2020 at the age of 83. It is after being given the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in 2014.

Who is Dame’s On Screen Sons?

Dame Barbara’s on-screen sons, Grant and Phil, are played by Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden. Also, Peggy’s daughter, Sam, was initially portrayed by Danniella Westbrook. It was before Kim Medcalf took over the role in the early 2000s. The EastEnders Mitchell family flashback special will appear on September 5.


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