What Does WSP Mean on Snapchat ?

Snapchat is one of the best Social Media applications available on the internet. This application is better known for its Lens, Snap Maps & Bitmoj stories, as well as Cameo Stories. Snapchat is also popular for various slang terms. One such slang is “WSP”

The Communication language on Social Media has become so evolved that Snapchat and other social media apps are always buzzing with the newest slang. Before you even know it, everyone is already using it.

Snapchat users use the language of Acronyms that you must learn to thrive in the sea of likes. Most of you definitely heard the word WSP but do not know the exact meaning of it.

Social Media Platforms are full of such types of abbreviations. If you are stuck in a communication with someone and Don’t know What WSP means and how to give a reply to it. Then this post is dedicated to you.

What does the Slang WSP mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is the best messaging application developed by Snap Inc., initially known as Snapchat Inc. Snapchat has evolved from its initial focus on person-to-person photo sharing to currently featuring users’ “Stories” of 24 hours of chronological content, along with “Discover’ that allows brands to show ad-supported short-form content.

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 What does the slang WSP really mean?

The short answer to this question is that WSP means ‘What’s Up?’.

In the Context of Snapchat, WSP means “What’s Up?,” as in “What’s happening?” “What’s new?,” or “How are things with you?

The phrase “what’s up?” is a common greeting, and the answer can be quite broad. It can mean “hello,” “how are you?” “what are you doing?” or “How are things going in your life?”

WSP is an acronym used to ask someone about what they are doing at present and how they have been doing emotionally.

It is normally used as a greeting through text or social media. The word ‘WSP’ has other meanings. Most of them are far less common.

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History of the word WSP

In 1999, Budweiser Beer ran a commercial in the United States with people repeatedly saying, “wassup.” The ad ran for three years and went viral in the early stages of the internet.

“Wassup” became a slang term in its own right. The abbreviation WSP is a shortened form of this old meme.

What Does WSP Stand For?

Usually, WSP means “what’s up?” but it can occasionally mean other things as well.

Here are some other things that WSP can stand for:

  • Water and sanitation program
  • Web service provider
  • WhatsApp
  • Working Steam Pressure
  • White Skin Privilege
  • Wireless Session Protocol
  • World Solar Programme
  • Westport (Amtrak station code)
  • Water Supply Point
  • Windows Service Pack
  • Waspam Airport, Nicaragua (airport code)
  • Weapon Support Processor

WSP Meaning

The most common WSP definition is “what’s up,” and it’s used in texting and social media.

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“What’s up?” is an informal way to ask how someone is and what they’re doing. Typically, the appropriate response is “nothing much” or “not much,” which can both be abbreviated to NM.

How to use WSP on Snapchat?

WSP is the most common greeting abbreviation that is widely used. It is a versatile word with broad meanings. The meaning of the word is the same on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and over text. Sending WSP to start a conversation is enough. You don’t need to add any text.

  • People most often send “WSP to start a conversation
  • Whether you write “WSP,” “Wsp,” and “wsp” all mean the same thing
  • If you want to check in with a friend or family member, just send them WSP

You can use WSP in the following ways:

  • “WSP? How are you doing?”
  • “WSP? It’s been so long since we’ve talked!”
  • “WSP? I miss you!”

How do you reply to WSP on Snapchat?

So you got the meaning of the Slang -WSP until now. Now, you must be wondering- How to reply to WSP??

You just need to share what you are presently doing in response to WSP. If you talk to the person regularly, you can answer freely.  Give a reply in the following ways:

  • “Not much. What are you up to?”
  • “Just finishing dinner. What’s going on?”
  • “I’m cleaning my room. and so…oon

You are free to give a funny response while chatting with your close friend. You could respond:

  • “Me, since 2 am. I’m exhausted!”
  • “Not a thing but a chicken wing!”

Alternative Definitions

  1. WhatsApp

“WSP” can also be shorthand for WhatsApp, the popular texting platform. If someone is asking for your “WSP number,” it may text you – “Are you on WSP”, Add me on WSP, and so on.

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2. Web Service Provider

A web service provider refers to any organization that hosts websites. This includes companies like Go Daddy, WordPress, or Dreamhost. If you’re talking to someone in IT, WSB is probably shorthand for “web service provider.” You might see something like:

  • “Looking for a new WSP to host your blog?”
  • “As the #1 WSP in New York…”


Q1. What does WSP mean on Snapchat?

Ans. WSP in Snapchat texting means “What’s up?!”

Q2. What Does Imsg Mean On Snapchat?

Ans. Imsg in texting may mean “International message/ Informational Message”

Q3. What does Ofc mean on Snapchat?

Ans. OFC means Of Course.

Q4. Are abbreviations like WSP casual or formal?

Ans. Slang phrases like WSP are very casual.  You can access these abbreviations on social media, and with friends and family.

These should never be used in professional or formal settings like in business negotiations, business emails, formal letters, or other formal circumstances.

Q5. Does WSP Mean the Same Thing in Text, Snapchat, and Other Social Media Platforms?

Ans. It doesn’t matter which social media platform you are accessing, WSP means the same thing for all. This slang is generally used in messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Final Words

WSP generally points out various things. On Snapchat, it means- What’s up! I hope you really find this post interesting.

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