Google TV: Performance Enhancements and Storage Saving Updates

Google has revealed August 23 through a community post. It is in response to customer input. It intends to make a few long overdue changes. It will enhance the experience for Google TV users. It is for Chromecast with Google TV and other Smart TVs with Google TV built-in. Some of these have already been released, while others are scheduled to do so shortly.

Perfomancement Enchantment By Google TV

Performance upgrades

The Google TV home screen will load more quickly and use less RAM. It is due to the CPU optimizations and cache management enhancements that Google will implement. Furthermore, navigation has been enhanced to speed up browsing within tabs. It is also switching between pages. 

Reduced RAM

Additionally, the Live tab will load more quickly, reducing. The amount of animation while switching between tabs. The Google TV UI will also operate more rapidly and steadily. It is once you’ve decided what to watch due to the reduced RAM usage. These modifications have already started. It will gradually be made available to all Google TV devices.

Elimination of Lag Time

Additionally, improvements to image caching have been made to children’s profiles. It speeds up moving between child profiles and viewing content. Google has also eliminated the lag time. It is between loading a child’s profile and launching an app.

Google TV gaining performance and storage-saving improvements

Storage augmentations

There are now 10,000 apps on Google TV, and more options have become available. Also, more app downloads will take place. Yet, the storage cap on Google TV devices is quickly reached. It is with the more apps you download. As a result, a free-up storage feature was introduced to Settings. It allows you to uninstall unnecessary apps and clean your cache.

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This feature is already available on Chromecast with Google TV. It will be available soon. It is on intelligent TVs with Google TV as well. One may do it by navigating to Settings > System > Storage. Free up storage for people who have a Chrome cast with Google TV.

Manage Apps

Additionally, Google TV has modified how it manages app installations. It prevents storage-related problems and uses an automated background process to clear space on the device. Users can now install programs without encountering messages. There is no need to free up storage.

What is discussed in the meeting?

These remarks are in line with a previous leak regarding a meeting. The meeting was held behind closed doors last month. Their officials explored bringing Google TV into the Better Together project and entering. The TV Fitness industry first needed to make platform enhancements. 

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