Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are happy as they tie knots at a stunning ceremony in Georgia

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were united in marriage on August 20. It took place at his $8.9 million Georgia plantation property. Lopez wore a stunning white Ralph Lauren couture gown. Affleck is looking dapper in a matching black and white tuxedo.

The couple’s joyful reunion occurs 20 years after they initially started dating and became engaged. They postponed their wedding in the fall of 2003 due to intense media attention. After their wedding, close relatives and friends escorted the couple down the aisle.

Who Joined The Family?

Affleck’s three children from his marriage to Jennifer Garner have joined the family. The children are Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Sam, 11. Her twins, Emme and Max, 14, whom she had with Marc Anthony, have supported JLO. 

What happened in the ceremony?

Following the ceremony, the couple proceeded to embrace one another. It signaled the most vital point in the bond since calling off their actual wedding ceremony 20 years earlier. Their family, including their children, join Ben and JLO. They all make their way down the white carpet together. 

The After Ceremony Ritual

After the ceremony beside the main house, the couple crossed a bridge to snap lovely photos of themselves together. Affleck’s home in Riceboro was crowded with friends, family, and A-list celebrities for the event.

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Celebrities who attended the wedding

Several A-Listers close to the celebrity couple joined the family in celebration. Matt Damon, Affleck’s longtime friend, was a co-Oscar winner for Good Will Hunting. Will was spotted at the event with his wife, Luciana Barroso. The couple took a private jet to a nearby airport where the party was being held.

As part of the celebration, actors Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith have also been spotted in Georgia. Smith and his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, were spotted leaving for the event in a Hertz rental pickup. Other celebrities expected for the event include Jimmy Kimmel, Renee Zellweger, George Clooney, and Jane Fonda.

Who was not seen at the wedding?

Affleck’s younger brother, Casey, 47, was conspicuously absent. It is since he had to miss the wedding due to parental commitments at home. Following their nuptials, Affleck and Lopez headed for the Oyster Home on the property. It is expected to host the wedding reception with its guests.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are all smiles as they tie the knot in breathtaking Georgia ceremony | News Cinema

The Stunning Bennifer Wedding Photos

In an aerial view, the pair can be seen smiling for photos with their arms around each other. Later, the pair posed for affectionate pictures as a unit on a bridge near Affleck’s home. It was possible to observe Lopez’s Ralph Lauren robe’s veil covering a portion of the bridge’s handrail. 

The children of Lopez and Affleck were asked to stand on the bridge together for a family portrait. They enforced security throughout the vast 87-acre property before the ceremony. They installed large security gates at the end of the four-mile road leading to Affleck’s expansive country estate.

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Jennifer Lopez: the wedding dress for the wedding with Ben Affleck (and the previous three) - Code List

The Security at The Wedding!

On August 20, a police car sat at the gates. The guard frantically distributed wristbands to all visitors after checking and double-checking their identities against the Master Manufacturing list. 

A source has discovered that a secret firework display with explosives has been planned. Bells for the wedding ceremony have also been set up before the night-time weddings. Safety boats are currently patrolling the river.

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