Android 13 Update causes problems with Pixels Wireless Charging

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This article provides information to the pixel owners who haven’t yet updated Android 13. Certain users can’t utilize wireless charging after installing the newest operating system. It was launched earlier this week via 9to5Google.  

Wireless Chargers

People are using the Pixel 4, 4 XL, 6, and 6 Pro and a variety of wireless chargers. It includes Google’s Pixel Stands. There are numerous comments about the problem on Reddit. Owners of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have a more significant issue. They can’t go back to Android 12 after switching to Android 13. 

The phones do appear to know that they are on a wireless charger, according to several user accounts. One user even claimed that their 4 XL showed the charging battery indicator. But the batteries do not seem to be taking in any power. Some charging stations claim the phone is out of place or has a general charging issue. It shows it is exciting but not charging.


There have been several fixes proposed, particularly about the Pixel Stands. However, others haven’t had success with those steps. One customer said their device started working after removing the Pixel Stand app. It is by entering safe mode, charging with the stand, forgetting it, then adding the stand, and charging with it again. An employee of The Verge claimed that their first Pixel Stand appeared to have forgotten their Pixel 6 Pro. But it had resumed charging after they had set it back up. 

Several users have also mentioned problems with rapid charging on various Pixel variants. One user said his Pixel 4A-5G charges barely 10% in an hour. It also gets boiling while doing so. Although they didn’t specifically say, they were utilizing wired or wireless charging. 

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Reactions by Google 

Google did not immediately react to The Verge’s inquiries regarding the problem. Google did not provide a remedy. It’s terrible that this kind of problem is surfacing in Android 13. Some users claim it began during the beta. It would indicate that Google had some time to learn about and address the problem.


The fact that Android 13 is having problems with something as basic as charging doesn’t precisely give users hope that Google is improving the reliability of its upgrades. Android 12 was a volatile release. It has some patches disrupting essential functions on Pixels.

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