Tristian Thompson is paying Marlee Nicholas child-support for son Theo but still hasn’t got to meet him

Tristan Thompson has been paying child support to Maralee Nichols for their son, Theo. However, he is continuing his court struggle, as per some sources.  An attorney for the NBA player said that Thompson is paying, and has paid, child support to Ms. Nichols retroactive to the date she delivered the child.

The fitness model has launched a paternity claim against Thompson. Earlier this year, a spokeswoman for Nichols stated that the Canadian native had not been contributing financially or otherwise to Theo’s life. Neither has he made an effort to meet their son nor offered any form of financial support.

NBA Player hasn’t met his son yet

Four months later, an insider informed Us that the basketball star still hadn’t met Theo. “Tristan is quite absent from Theo’s life. According to the source, Thompson has failed to pay child support and has not met Theo or attempted to set up a meeting with him. “He has no urgent plans to meet his son face to face.”

The model sued the former Cleveland Cavaliers player for child support in June 2021, stating that their baby had been conceived in March of that year. Thompson was still seeing Khloé Kardashian at the time.

A History of Tristan Thompson’s Controversy

He continued on the next slide by saying, “Khloé, you don’t deserve this. The pain and shame I have brought upon you are not fair. I have treated you poorly, and you don’t deserve it. Not everything I’ve done for you has reflected how I feel about you. You have my utmost esteem and affection despite what you may be thinking. Please accept my deepest condolences; I am very sorry.

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Later, in the June season finale of The Kardashians, the star admitted that she had simultaneously learned about Nichols and Theo as the rest of the world. The reality starlet and her ex revealed the pregnancy of their second child through a surrogate a month later. Their 4-year-old daughter, True, is also their pride and joy. (Prince Thompson is five years old, and Thompson is Jordan Craig’s co-parent.

Tristan Thompson Still Hasn't Met His 8-Month-Old Son Theo With Ex Marlee Nichols

Final words!

Us announced the surrogate had a son on August 5. An insider at the time remarked, “both baby and mother are quite happy and healthy.” “Khloé can’t wait to have a bigger family.”

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