Lauren tragically lost her daughter Lorena due to Complications during her birth

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We came across the tragic news of Lorena’s daughter. She has spoken out about the sad events surrounding the passing of her baby daughter just a short time after her birth.

A few weeks after disclosing that her newborn baby had passed away earlier this month, the former star of the reality television shows The Only Way is Essex has spoken out about her life’s “most terrible” experience.

Lorena shared the details.

The sad mother shared that her partner, Charles Drury, begged staff members to preserve their baby’s life. The 35-year-old woman explained how the physicians struggled to save baby Lorena’s life, and she also added that the doctors fought to save baby Lorena’s life.

Lauren stated that she did not experience any difficulties during her pregnancy and intended to give birth in her own home. On July 8, when it came time for her to give birth, an ambulance took her to a delivery suite so that she could give birth there.

What Happened When She reached the Hospital?

“When I got to the hospital, the head of the baby was already out, and I was in excruciating pain.” “In an interview with The Sun, Lauren provided the following explanation.

“I was escorted to a private room, and as soon as the baby started to come into the world, the room began to get crowded with doctors. They took her to the side and said her heart rate was low, so they did that.

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Lauren continued by elaborating that her spouse Charles, with whom she shares custody of their daughter Larose, who is one year old, was “in pieces.”

Lauren is Completly in a Shock!

Lauren reported being unable to move from shock and sat in her “bloodied blankets” after receiving the devastating news that no parent ever wants to hear about their child. She remarked on how terrible it was. For the next four hours, I did nothing but sit in my bed covered in blood. They asked me whether I wanted to shower, and I said, “I did.” I found that I could not move. I did nothing but sit there in utter disbelief.

 Lauren is Still Waiting to gain Insights from the Autopsy.

To gain insight into her daughter’s passing, Lauren is still awaiting the findings of the autopsy performed on her daughter. Lauren revealed that she was “broken” in a statement that she released two days after Lorena passed away. In July, Lauren lost her former boyfriend, Jake McLean, in a motorcycle accident.

No Words Left For a Mother

She shared a photo of herself holding Lorena’s hand and a caption that said, “She was the most beautiful healthy baby I’ve ever seen just like her sister @babylarose.x….” The shot was in black and white. As a mother, no words can adequately convey the anguish of losing your child. “I carried my baby for all these months wonderfully, and after I gave birth to her, my angel was snatched from me.”

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What Did she have to say about her Princess at the end?

She continued, saying, “She was good and healthy, but I’m not going to get into detail right now. Just know that there was nothing wrong with either her or myself; she was wonderful. I can’t explain it. She is so incredibly gorgeous Larose twin so similar.” “I am broken.” We Hope she moves on soon.

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