Easy Guide to Get New Drunk Lyrics Game Filter on Instagram & Tiktok

Creators remain delirious about the latest trends and filters. Instagram and TikTok are the hottest places where you will find all the latest trends. If you’re one of those hungry seekers who always look for what’s trending now, you might have heard about the Drunk lyrics Game filter for sure. This is the most popular filter that grabbed the hearts of millions of users for the right reasons.

Drunk Lyrics Game is currently trending on Instagram and tiktok.com. In this game, users sing the lyrics of the song using cards. If the lyrics are correct, users will win more points.

The official team behind the drunk lyrics recently rolls out an Instagram filter. This filter will let you play the game on your smartphones regardless of iPhone or Android for no cost.

Another interesting aspect of this is that now you don’t have to purchase any card with lyrics to enjoy this incredibly enjoyable game.

Before the launch of the filter, people need to purchase the cards in order to participate in the game. These cards cost you around 15 bucks. Still, the game got out of stock due to massive demand.

Thankfully, Instagram users can play the game with filters without paying any bucks. The rules of the fun game are similar.

Today we are gonna discuss how to play the game of drinking lyrics on TikTok as well as Instagram plus what are the rules of the game.

Rules of the Game

Drunk Lyrics game is a fun game. The rules of Drunk Lyrics Game are very simple. You can either play this game solo or with a group.

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The goal is to finish as many cards as possible in 30 seconds, singing along to the lyrics. The more cards you complete, the higher the score!

The first rule of the game is to remember all of the lyrics to a song. If your opponent is able to sing a song that includes the word from the card, they get a point. After singing a song, they get to pick another word from the deck.

The winner is the party who guessed the correct word in the lyrics the fastest. You can play DrunkLyrics with a group, or even one-on-one.

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How To Use Drunk Lyrics Game Filter?

Accessing the Drunk Lyrics Game Filter on Instagram is so simple. You just need to follow a few instructions:

  • First of all, open your Instagram account, and go to your profile first.
  • After that, select “Creators.”
  • Type in “Official Drunk Lyrics” and open it.
  • Preview and apply filters are the next options.
  • In the next step, click on the icon below to access the filter.
  • Afterward, a box will pop up with a term that you’ve been thinking about. Finally, guess the music that is playing

How To Get Drunk Lyrics Game Filter On Instagram

  • To find the effects of this drunk song, open your Instagram app and search the @Officialdrunklyrics profile.
  • From their profile, you’ll see an effects icon followed by a reel icon.
  • You will see it there when you tap on it, to use it just open it and tap on the option Try it!
  • Now you can access it by tapping the screen once after holding the record button.
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How To Use Drunk Lyrics Game Filter On Tiktok

Unfortunately! Drunk Lyrics Game Filter isn’t now available on the TikTok app. That means you can’t get it via TikTok directly.

Don’t worry! there is a trick.

  • If you want to use Drunk Lyrics Game Filter online or offline on TikTok then you guys first use the Instagram app to make videos.
  • Record a video and save it in the camera roll.
  • After that, post the video from your gallery to the Instagram Drunk Lyrics Filter video on the TikTok app. That’s it!

Drunk Lyrics Game is an incredibly fun-loving game. The new Instagram filter makes it more engaging. Millions of Instagram users are already enjoying this filter.

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