Apple might have a price hike due to the early launch of the iPhone 14, iPads and Watches

Apple is getting ready to introduce the iPhone 14 series sometime in the middle of the following month. There is a lot of interest in the next iPhone series as the Apple iPhone launch is getting closer, and rumors about the upcoming iPhone series have suggested several upgrades over the iPhone 13 series. Apple is preparing to reveal its latest iPhone. A well-known analyst by the name of Ming-Chi Kuo has speculated, before the launch, that Apple may decide to raise the costs of the iPhone with the introduction of the iPhone 14 series.

Will We See a Price Hike In The New Models?

Apple may increase the costs of the iPhone 14 Pro versions; however, he did not provide any specific pricing information. However, according to the analyst’s projections, the price of the iPhone 14 series may go up by fifteen percent during this year. This suggests that a model of the iPhone Pro that costs $1,000 may have a price of $1,050. It is speculated that inflation is to blame for the price increase.

While introducing new features on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, Max models may also have contributed to the price increase. There are rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max would start with a minimum internal storage capacity of 256 gigabytes, double the typical amount of 128 gigabytes; this factor alone may increase pricing.

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Release of the New Model

Next month, Apple is expected to release the new iPhone 14 series, consisting of four different models: the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.  The notch is expected to remain on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, but it is expected to be removed from the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, which are rumored to come with a fresh design that will eliminate the famous notch. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the only iPhones in the lineup to arrive with a new Apple A16 Bionic processor.

Do we get Get Models in Apple Watches and Ipads?

In contrast, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will continue to use an updated version of the Apple A15 Bionic chipset introduced in the previous year. Additionally, Apple will release the new Apple Watch Series 8, a new model of the Apple Watch SE, and an all-new Apple Watch Pro. During the debut of the iPhone 14, the tech giant headquartered in Cupertino may also introduce a new iPad model.

The Conclusion

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple may host the launch event for the iPhone 14 one week earlier than initially scheduled, on September 6. Apple typically releases the iPhone sometime during the middle of September; however, the year 2020 will be an exception because of COVID-19.

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