Bullet train takes the place 1 with $13.4M followed by ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ on number 2

According to studio estimates released on Sunday, the Brad Pitt action thriller “Bullet Train” remained at the top of the box office for a second consecutive weekend. In contrast, the extraordinary staying power of “Top Gun: Maverick” propelled it back into third place after a relatively quiet period in theatres.

The Earnings Revealed

With an estimated $30 million opening weekend, “Bullet Train” only managed $13.4 million in its second weekend. The assassin film, directed by David Leitch and produced by Sony Pictures at $90 million, has earned $54.4 million in two weeks. The international total for “Bullet Train” is $114.5 million.

Three new movies were released to the public, but none ended up in the top five. Due to the slowdown, which was expected but still intense in late July, the year’s most famous movie, “Maverick,” was able to make another fly-by in theatres.

In early August, nearly three months after its initial May release, Paramount Pictures expanded the number of theatres showing the “Top Gun” sequel from 2,760 to 3,181. With this haul, its overall value has increased to $673.8 million from $7.2 million. Without factoring in inflation, “Maverick” is the seventh highest grossing film of all time at the domestic box office, just above “Titanic” and below “Avengers: Infinity War.”

The Top Grossing Film Till Now

When studios increasingly release movies to streaming providers after only 45 days in theatres, “Top Gun: Maverick’s” unusually extended run stands out even more.

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DC League of Super-Pets, produced by Warner Bros., narrowly beat out “Top Gun: Maverick” for second place. On Sunday, Warner Bros. projected that the animated film had earned $7.17 million in its third week of distribution, edging out “Maverick”, which had made $7.15 million.” Monday’s final numbers should resolve the near-tie.

Top Gun is taking a huge Fall in Theatres 

While “Top Gun: Maverick” has helped cinemas rebound from the epidemic, the sparsely scheduled dog days of August (and possibly a portion of September) will test the business. A24’s “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” a Gen Z horror comedy that opened last week in limited release, expanded to 1,269 locations this weekend. And became the most popular new picture in cinemas across the country. As the eighth highest grossing entry, it brought in $3.35 million.

There were fewer ticket sales than any other weekend this summer. In the following weeks, moviegoing is expected to fall even further due to the limited number of new wide releases, including two films starring Idris Elba: the safari thriller “Beast” and George Miller’s “Three Thousand Years of Longing”.

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