Bill Maher Remembers His Friend Salman Rushdie On ‘Real Time’

While Salman Rushdie fights for his life after being stabbed, a furious Bill Maher criticized the abuse of his close friend (and frequent guest) by a man whose name had the host speculating that he “is not Amish.”

Sal, as Maher referred to him, intended to discuss how the United States is a refuge for divisive viewpoints. Don’t attack me with Islamophobia, Maher warned because giving such a speech is unheard of in the majority of Muslim nations. Phobia is only a method to stop the conversation when used as a verb.

The defense of free speech begins with something you can’t bear, said guest Piers Morgan, who has his own history with divisive speech. This brought cheers from the audience. Morgan added that you might not agree with the views. You ought to be able to respect their freedom to hold a divergent perspective, though.

Bill Maher Remembers His Friend Salman Rushdie

Morgan called for “trigger warnings” and, in one case, withdrew a professor whose lecture on harmful speech had been given as he signified with alarm the increase of free-speech sentiment in the US and UK. When Morgan saw America moving in that manner, he remarked, “It’s crazy.” Between him and Salman Rushdie, “there’s not much room” Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock’s joke-telling this year served as its predecessor. Salman suffers consequences for your violent behaviour.

22-year-old New York Post columnist Ricky Schlott argued that his generation “never learned the principles of free expression.” She shocked Maher by showing him her old NYU student ID, which featured a “bias hotline” phone number for reporting things that made him uncomfortable. According to him, such behaviour creates circumstances such as those in Rushdie. She asserted, “The logical outcome for people who regard words to be violent, you fight with words that are touched by violence.

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A New York Times columnist and the author of The Deep Places: A Memoir of Illness and Discovery, Ross Douthat, had previously visited Maher.

He talked about his struggle with Lyme disease, a condition that wasn’t known for a time.

According to Maher, doctors prefer an omniscient approach to analysis, which frequently falters when faced with the unknown, despite the fact that they claim to know more than they actually do.

Bill Maher Remembers His Friend Salman Rushdie

When Douthat first started experiencing stress, he also experienced a nightmare of pain, many heart attacks, and a 50-pound weight loss. He compared his struggle to the early stages of the pandemic when authorities disseminated advice that ultimately turned out to be risky in an effort to spread knowledge about the unknown illness.

There is a lab leak theory for Lyme disease, according to his ebook. The key points, however, are only available if you buy the e-book.

The final segment of Maher’s “New Rules” segment focused on the most recent controversies surrounding performers who should match the racial, ethnic, and sexual preferences of the characters they portray.

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The best actor for the part must be selected by casting directors, according to Maher. The reason why acting is referred to as “roles” is because that is what appearance is.

There are problems with Ryan Gosling playing Frederick Douglass or Shia LeBouef playing Shaft, of course.

However, Tom Hanks‘ statement that if “Philadelphia” had been performed now, he wouldn’t have played the lead caused Maher to lose his cool. “Does Tom not having a mental illness cause him to be put under the bus as Forrest Gump does?”

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Maher declared, “This is not progress. Regression, I tell you.

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