Mister Limbo, an Intriguing film, reveals its official trailer with two lost wanders

The most awaited official US trailer is for the indie film Mister Limbo, made by the renowned filmmaker Robert G. Putka. In September, this respective Film will be launched at the VOD. However the film has already premiered many times at various film festivals.

The Terror Films studio also gave the Film’s official trailer and synopsis. The filmmaker of this Film has also mentioned in different interviews that this movie helped him move out from the traumatic face of his life and learn the power of forgiveness for ourselves and others.

He has also shared that moving on to better things can be an ideal thing for the upliftment of a person.

Synopsis of the Film

The story follows a man who is the main character of the story, who lands in the middle of an isolated desert with the help of a parachute. The person does not have any memory of his existence, nor does he remember how he reached the middle of the desert.

When he starts exploring different solutions to getting out of that piece of dry land. Going back home, he gets exposed to many other people who will make him wonder altogether throughout his adventure of the wasteland.

Another theory also added to it, which states that he is a cozy man at heart. However there is also a contemplation on some other existing themes like cynicism, empathy, regret, and faith.

Mister Limbo, an Intriguing film, reveals its official trailer with two lost wanders

The inspiration for the Film

This horror movie has acquired from the North American distribution rights for the graphing of Mister Limbo. There are also several other movies in alignment, which have given significant inspiration to the makers of this movie.

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The director of this movie has penned down his story of heartbreak from the year 2016. He has given the starring role to actors like Hugo de Sousa, Vig Noris, Hugo Armstrong, and many others with them. This Film narrates the story of two main characters who are absolute strangers to each other.

It appears to be an utterly intriguing movie with a mixture and touch of a personal story regarding lost feelings and discovering solutions to find your way.

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