Event Ideas for College Students

College life is all about stimulating the little gray brain cells and subsequently putting them to sleep at the next campus party. But students aren’t only interested in drinking. While some are rare as they may be, many others are also interested in learning. As an event organizer, this situation gives you the perfect window of opportunity to sharpen your event planning skills.

If you are looking to plan an event, virtual or physical, one of the most important steps to take is coming up with creative ideas that get people excited and eager to attend. However, organizing a college event can be particularly challenging if your event is more unique or less common than the typical family gathering or office party. You may not have many good examples to emulate or great ideas of your own. Thankfully, we have selected and sorted several social and virtual events that are sure to get college and university students interested and excited.

Social Event Ideas for College Students

Everyone knows that college life should be a time to explore the intellectual horizons of life. But there is more to the college experience than just book learning. Indeed, many students attend college with the expectation of attending amazing parties and fun events. The social factor is one of the most important reasons students attend college on-campus. Accordingly, organizing exciting and compelling events is a great way to build social connections and get the most out of the college experience. Since not everyone is born a planner, here are fun event ideas for college students.

Sleepover Movie Marathon

You can convert an event hall into the ultimate movie night slumber party, decked out with pillow forts, sleeping bags, an ice cream sundae station, and plenty of popcorn. Whether you project the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, every Harry Porter movie, or a season of Game of Thrones, ensure that there is enough footage to run all night. You can also section off a part of the hall where students can talk amongst themselves and only half-watch the movie. In the other section, you can supply some traditional childhood slumber-party supplies like board games and nail polish. Doing so can keep students occupied even if they aren’t interested in watching.

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Local City Tours

Organize a local city tour to introduce non-local students to the nearby surroundings. You can highlight the cultural places of interest or turn them into a pub crawl. Still, you can combine both into an epic city tour.

Group Games and Trivia Nights

Colleges hold plenty of opportunities to get involved in groups and activities. Group games and trivia nights is an exciting cultural event idea for college students. Try something like a game of pool at your favorite watering hole, trivia nights at your local pub, or throwing a party where everyone brings a physical activity with them, such as playing cards and musical instruments.

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Student Entrepreneurship Spotlight

Some of the world’s most successful businesses were founded out of college dorm rooms. You can showcase the entrepreneurship spirit of your campus by inviting student business owners to speak about their projects and network with potential collaborators. From developing software to selling handmade crafts, some enterprising students are bound to be on campus.

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Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions can be a great way to connect with your friends. If you are organizing an event around yoga, ensure that it’s something everyone will enjoy and won’t distract them from their academics or jobs. Choose a time and place that is convenient for most participants. You can also set up Facebook and email reminders so that everyone knows exactly where, when, and what time to show up.

Fun Virtual Event Ideas for College Students

The days of sitting in a boring classroom are over, thanks to the rise of remote learning. Universities and colleges are increasingly innovating to keep students engaged. Thus, whether you’re looking for a way to learn life skills like cooking, network with alumni, or spend afternoons creating music with friends, consider the following cool and amusing virtual event ideas for college students.

Book Club Discussions

Instead of hosting a physical book club, why not turn it into a virtual event? Most universities have a library and can provide you with a group space to host your club. However, you can organize an online book club meetup through zoom and invite students and professors from your college to attend. Even when hosting a physical book club gathering, you can always incorporate those that cannot physically attend the discussions through Skype or Zoom. The virtual forum is among many interesting professional event ideas for college students that you can consider.

TED Talks School Edition

Discovering new ideas through TED talks is one of the most accessible ways to learn new perspectives. You don’t have to wait for an invitation to speak at TED since you can organize virtual TEDx events in your college. College students can attend the talks in the comfort of their homes or wherever they may be outside the campus. Organize conversations around mental health and diversity, and many students will be interested in following virtually.

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Podcast Club

Listening to podcasts is popular – over 50% of American consumers listen to podcasts. You can form a podcast club in your college and decide on the topics to discuss. The club can then virtually connect students interested in developing the speaking and technical skills required in today’s increasingly demanding society. The podcast discussions can involve such critical topics as mental health and the importance of community service.

Master Chef Lessons

Few college students have good eating habits. When you’re young and active, it’s easy to get away with poor food habits. But what if you had a way to make healthy food preparation fun for students? It’s possible! Tap into the desire many students have to share their accomplishments on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. Invite students to join a cooking class and take photos of their creations.

Virtual Museum Stroll

Museums play an indispensable role in the modern learning experience. Instead of reading about dinosaurs or the Romans, a museum gives you the chance to see artifacts. In recent years, many museums have developed virtual tour experiences – an event opportunity to consider. Find coursemates and organize a virtual visit to museums, such as The Louvre and the National Museum of Natural History, which offer impressive virtual collections of artwork and other fascinating objects.

Wrapping Up!

Whether your school is a residential or commuter campus, these events play an integral role in college life. Not only can they help students get to know one another, but they also provide a steady stream of wholesome and educational programming that keeps them active and engaged in their campus community. College students are always looking for new opportunities to socialize, learn something new, and eat some free food. The above-listed social events will prompt them to take notice and show up in droves.


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