Shoresy: What’s next for JJ Frankie JJ?

Ever Watched Shoresy? Shoresy is a comedian sequence that revolves around Hockey. Shoresy’s first sequence does not gain much success. The creator Jared Keeso is now looking for a new cast for the upcoming series. Jared did not want to lose again. Shorsey seeks out some of the biggest and worst players he’s ever known. One such character is Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean, also known as JJ Frankie JJ, or simply JJ.

Jacques François Jacques-Jean or JJ plays a small role. Shoresy and JJ are on opposing teams and left on less than great terms. On Shoresyhowever, JJ has seemingly forgiven Shoresy and agrees to help him and play with him for the Sudbury Bulldogs. JJ’s time with the Bulldogs is, in part, inconsequential as his storyline mostly revolves around his inability to maintain a relationship with a woman.

JJ is playing the character of a Hockey player from the opposite team. He has had many girlfriends during his hockey career, being photographed with various women individually at different events.

JJ’s character fails to impact the audience with his role

JJ’s character in Shoresy had little to do with the main storyline. There are strong speculations that his character will be pulled out from the upcoming show.

The first Season of the show ends full of possibilities for its characters. In the first season, JJ’s final moments saw him leave after being caught cheating on his girlfriend, Canadian actress Laurence Leboeuf, and not showing up for the final game.

If JJ appears in the next season, the story will give you updates about his relationship status with Leboeuf, the girl he cheated on her with, or some new woman he picked up along the way.

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JJ no action towards the verbally abusive main character made him seem like a good forgiving guy. However, the viewers are hating him or his cheating storyline. People are really confused with the character of JJ.

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