Top 5 Leading Supply Chain Management Software in 2022 

Supply chain management software is a software system for managing the processes involved in managing a company’s entire supply chain. It can handle various aspects of a company’s supply chain, from sourcing to supplier management and shipping. In a traditional system, each function is handled separately, resulting in confusion and inefficiency. Moreover, this software includes a support number for their clients, similar to the Cox bill pay phone number for assistance.  

With supply chain management software, these functions are integrated into a single system, making it easier to control all the different elements of a business’s supply chain. For example, inventory management software can help you keep track of your raw materials, stock availability, and quantity, which will ultimately benefit your business. 

Here are five of the most popular choices for companies of all sizes:

#1. GMDH Streamline 

GMDH is a leading supply chain planning software provider, predictive analytics solutions, and demand planning services. Developed using 100% proprietary technology, its solutions automate the entire demand-supply planning process and offer complete transparency across the entire supply chain. With a streamlined workflow, GMDH’s solutions help companies meet customer demand and boost profits. 

GMDH Streamline is an on-premise desktop application incorporating modern planning strategies and inventory optimization tools. It can create a perfect just-in-time inventory replenishment plan as a demand forecasting tool. With advanced optimization tools, GMDH Streamline can significantly improve inventory expenses.  

Its streamline can help manufacturers and distributors with demand forecasting and inventory planning. It integrates demand forecasting and inventory planning processes and allows users to assemble just-in-time purchase plans by uploading inventory data. 

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#2. CCH(r) Tagetik Supply Chain Planning 

The future of the global supply chain starts with smart technological support and automation.  The company has over 1,300 customers worldwide and offers customized solutions to meet your business needs. The company boasts of cutting-edge solutions to help companies increase efficiency, reduce risk and save money.  

The software is designed to bring together disparate data sets and processes, creating a central source of information and an accurate view of the entire business. Finance functions must be transformed to gain resilience. While Excel may have its place, it cannot replace the tools for effective management.  

CCH Tagetik can also streamline financial close, compliance, and disclosure processes. The solution helps organizations address global financial and operational requirements by streamlining close financial processes and integrating multiple supply chain functions into a single view. 

#3. BluJay SCM 

In addition to offering comprehensive, enterprise-level SCM capabilities, BluJay provides various services to optimize your business’ supply chain management. These include managed TM services, freight audits, and a range of payment and customer support options. BluJay has a sandbox for testing and training and extensive customer support. 

Supply chain management software enables businesses to analyze customer requirements, identify viable suppliers, manage suppliers, and ship orders. Traditional supply chain management methods are often cumbersome and difficult to manage. Supply chain software helps to streamline these functions and unify them into one comprehensive system.  

In addition to cloud-based supply chain execution, BluJay’s transportation management application can help businesses manage and automate the full range of logistics. In addition to providing real-time data, this software also integrates with various connected partners, including freight forwarders, logistics service providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.  

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#4. Aqua Supply Chain Software 

The Aqua software should be able to scale your business and support multiple devices. Several applications allow you to forecast demand and supply; some can even forecast future demand. Forecasting technologies are relatively new but are becoming increasingly accessible to all types of businesses.  

Aqua supply chain management is crucial to businesses. It ensures a smooth flow of stock, favorable relationships with suppliers, and a successful journey from the warehouse to the customer. Supply chain management software is available in many forms and helps businesses make informed decisions that will increase profits and improve customer service. 

This software helps manufacturers understand requirements and monitor performance across multiple supply bases. Furthermore, the software’s cloud-based applications help businesses avoid deviations, analyze suitable alternatives, and re-plan projects in real-time. As a result, these systems can significantly improve a company’s operations. 

#5. Ship Bob Software 

With the help of its advanced analytics reporting system, Ship Bob helps companies optimize their supply chain execution. It provides users with an integrated analytics tool to track stock levels, transit times, and order fulfillment.  

Ship Bob can also track sales and order fulfillment across channels. It can even help businesses set minimum inventory levels and optimize fulfillment and shipping costs. However, users may have to deal with a long loading time, which can prove to be a problem if you need to make a lot of decisions in a short period of time. 

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