New Tech on the Horizon in Gaming

Over recent years, people have been searching for new ways to be entertained, alongside virtual ways to socialize. With this shift in behavior, the popularity of casino games has risen exponentially.

The most important aspect of this shift is the focus on a social connection within an online game. Competition is no longer enough, what people crave is the ability to interact with other people, or human-like AI characters, even within online casino games.

The gaming industry has been shaping the future of technology surrounding these advancements, and Virgin Games is no exception to these advances. From VR to AI and the Metaverse, find out what new technology is on the horizon in gaming.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been on the back burner for years and is still waiting for further advancements to make it more accessible to gamers. As the true tech for immersive gaming, VR would enhance gaming experiences to the next level.

Within Live Casino rooms, players would be able to interact with other gamers, creating a social experience. The lack of a social connection through isolated online casino gaming would be a problem of the past. With that in mind, there are a still a few challenges that need to be addressed, which include:

  • bulky headsets
  • steep prices
  • player fatigue

The future of online casino gaming has to be a social one and VR provides the perfect solution.

Artificial Intelligence

Imagine playing an online casino game where the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) can make complex decisions that the player is unable to predict. NCPs would become the players that gamers would have to read, just like in real life.

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AI would provide narratives with complex branches, that would unfold in a much more ‘human’ way. Just imagine bluffing AI bots in poker games. However, the challenge of creating images for NCPs is still one that has yet to be solved. This means that for now AI is used more for data transference.

Game designers are continually receiving data on how their games are played, provided through AI systems. This allows the designers to continually improve the player’s experience.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has been on the increase and mobile apps are now available for most casino games, Virgin Games being a prime example. This accessibility means playing games is more flexible than ever before.

To enhance the experience of mobile gaming, whether on a phone or tablet, Augmented Reality (AR) technology is being implemented within many games. Pokémon Go was the leader of this tech when it successfully released its mobile game in 2016.

After the huge success the mobile gaming sector of the industry is rapidly developing, encompassing the digital with real-life places and spaces.

Cloud Gaming

Online gaming has exploded over the recent years. The ability to game from the comfort of your own home has meant that convenience has triumphed over the real-life experience.

These platforms allow gamers to subscribe in order to stream games from the host company’s server, such as Virgin Games. Just like streaming Netflix, cloud gaming only requires you to have an internet connection.

The obvious benefit of online gaming is the flexibility and accessibility for gamers.  which is the ability for players to game wherever and whenever they choose.

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However, there are still some challenges that the industry faces, including:

  • Stable internet connection is required for the best experience
  • Running a cloud gaming service is costly for the gaming company with huge investments required in extensive tech

Cloud gaming is by far one of the most extensive new technologies being used today. Live casino lounges, where players interact with real-life casino dealers, are some of the cloud casino gaming experiences already out there.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse is still only a theoretical concept, although advances that Meta has taken are closing the gap between concept and reality. The idea of the Metaverse is cyberspace in which people can socialize and interact with one another. Set to take over our physical spaces, the Metaverse is a futuristic idea of creating a digital space where someone can live out their ‘second life’. From office spaces to online gaming experiences, the Metaverse would completely immerse your mind in a digital space.

For online casino games, this would be like walking into a casino and playing with real life people, just seen as their avatars. Although set in a digital space, you would be interacting within these digital casino lounges with real-life individuals. Combine this with advanced AI bots who interact amongst the avatars and the whole experience will be truly authentic. The Metaverse, which is on the horizon, will revolutionised, not only the gaming industry, but the way in which humans socialise and interact with one another.

The gaming industry is rapidly expanding with new innovative tech that will completely change the way in which we perceive gaming. The future seems to be one that involves a Metaverse, a parallel reality that exists only in cyber space. However, for the time being, advances are still being made at a lower level. The implementation of cloud computing and the advancements of AI and VR are changing gamers experiences year on year.

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Online casino games are able to provide a more real-life gaming experience with the use of live casino lounges and AI bluff bots at poker tables. Advancements in VR, however would be the game changer needed for full immersion. Virgin Games in a leader in the casino games industry and have proven their use of new and innovative technology within their selection of games.

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