Zhe Shelly Wang: Bill Gates’ CHEATED with on Melinda Gates

Bill Gates has confirmed that he has an extramarital affair with Zhe Shelly Wang, his interpreter and he cheated on his wife Melinda Gates with whom he has been married for 27 years.

Background on Bill Gates and Melinda Gates’ Relationship and Whole Controversy

The mega-billionaire couple, Bill and Melinda Gates made the headline earlier this week after announcing that they are ending their 27-year-long marriage. The couple didn’t reveal the exact reason why they were ending their supposed happy marriage.

This led to multiple speculations and several rumors started floating on the internet claiming the potential reason behind their split. One of the people who is embroiled in this cheating scandal is Zhe Shelly Wang, Bill Gates’ Interpreter. She getting accused of having an illicit relationship with Bill Gates.

Among many rumors, one rumor specifically caught everyone’s attention. The rumor suggested that the 65-year-old billionaire cheated on her wife with his 36-year-old Chinese employee, Zhe Shelly Wang.

Who is Zhe Shelly Wang? Bill Gates' Interpreter He CHEATED with on Melinda

Wang is a professional translator who has been working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Apart from the Gates Foundation, she has also worked as a translator for Harvard Business School and the Yale School of Management.

It is still unclear why the professional translator was targeted by the rumors. Zhe Shelly Wang has posted only a few pictures of her engagements for the Gates Foundation as a translator.

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In a joint statement on Monday, the former couple revealed that they no longer can grow as a couple in the coming years. However, they did mention that they will be working together for the Foundation and also asked for privacy and space in the statement.

Who is Zhe Shelly Wang? The Cheating Rumor Breakdown

Zhe Shelly Wang is a professional translator for the Gates Foundation, the Yale School of Management, and Harvard Business School. The Chinese-born professional immigrated to the United States and owned a restaurant in her early years.

Zhe Shelly Wang? Bill Gates' Interpreter He CHEATED with on Melinda

She attended Brigham Young University, where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree. She is proficient in six different languages that include English, Chinese, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, and German.

Zhe Shelly Wang has been working for the Gates Foundation since 2015. However, she has worked for multiple other organizations and institutions as a translator at the same time.

Not only that, but Zhe Shelly Wang has also worked as a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines. Zhe Shelly Wang has now denied the rumors claiming that she has something to do with the split of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Is Melinda Gates Divorcing Bill Gates Because of Zhe Shelly Wang?

Although many people are speculating that the reason behind Bill Gates and Melinda’s Divorce is because their marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

There is a good chunk of people who believe that the real reason is Zhe Shelly Wang with whom Bill Gates had an intimate relationship.

The 36-year-old mentioned on the Chinese social media website Weibo that she previously thought the rumor would easily go away. However, she didn’t expect the rumor to go crazy and continuously target her.

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She concluded her message by slamming the vicious people, who are trying to vilify an innocent Chinese girl. Li Dong lei, one of Wang’s friends came forward and defended Zhe Shelly Wang by mentioning that Wang is a clean girl, and would never involve in other people’s marriages.

Zhe Shelly Wang? Bill Gates' Interpreter He CHEATED with on Melinda

Melinda Gates Divorce Settlement? How much Bill Gates have to Pay to Melinda

Since the fresh insight about their split because of Zhe Shelly Wang, many considered what Bill Gates’ separation settlement with Melinda Gates would seem to be Bill, the fellow benefactor of Microsoft, is valued at $130 billion. So what amount will Melinda get in her separation settlement? Indeed, it appears as though that number isn’t anything.

An adjudicator settled Bill and Melinda’s separation on Tuesday, August 2. In the arrangement, which was documented in the Superior Court of Washington and acquired by E! News, the court noticed that there was “no money judgment” requested and that neither Bill nor Melinda requested to change their names. No spousal help was additionally requested.

In a separation appeal documented in King County in May, that’s what Melinda expressed “spousal support is not needed” from Bill. Melinda, who sought legal separation on Monday, additionally called her union with Bill “irretrievably broken.” According to the appeal, which was acquired by People, the couple didn’t have a prenuptial arrangement before their marriage. All things considered, they will isolate their resources as indicated by a partition arrangement.

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