Slim Danger: Everything About Chief Keef Baby Mama

Slim Danger is popularly known for working in the adult film industry. She came in headline after openly revealing her relationship with Chief Keef.

If you are into gossip and drama, then you must have heard about the name, Slim Danger. In this article, we will talk in detail about everything.

Who is Slim Danger?

Slim Danger is popularly known for working in the adult film industry. She also has many followers on her social media handles. She is a controversial person, and it is very often that you will find her involved in some kind of controversy or drama.

Furthermore, she never hides anything inside her and doesn’t refrain from saying anything or talking about someone’s else private life in public. As we move on further in this article, we will get to know her more.

Slim Danger’s Early Life

Aaron Clark or Slim Danger was born in the beautiful city of New Orleans which is situated in the United States of America. Her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is African-American. She follows Christianity.

She was born in the year 1989 and her date of birth is June 13. In 2021, she turned 32. She is not yet married to anyone and is living a single life raising her kids all on her own.

Slim Danger’s Education and Career

Although Slim Danger is not much of a private person and often ends up attracting media attention by her comments or statements, she hasn’t revealed anything about the educational institutes she attended or the name of the High School she graduated from.

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All we know about her is that she is one of the popular adult actresses and is doing well in attracting followers on her social media accounts.

Slim Danger: Everything About Chief Keef Baby Mama

Slim Danger’s Net Worth

Slim Danger hasn’t revealed her earnings or annual income yet. However, taking into account her popularity and her reach on social media accounts, her estimated annual worth could be more than $2 million.

Increase in Slim Danger’s Popularity

No doubt that Slim Danger’s role in the adulting industry amounted to making her the talk of the town, but other things happened in the same course of time, that brought her into the limelight.

She gave birth to a child that she said was of the popular rapper from America, Chief Keef. It would’ve been tough to believe this but when Chief Keef didn’t deny it, it was quite clear in front of everyone.

Not only that, she even tried to defame the popular Beckham Jr. stating that he has some weird fantasies about how he would like to treat a woman. She also said that Beckham asked her to come to meet him without taking shower for at least a day.

However, Beckham responded to this very calmly, although we know it may have been tough for him to handle such information getting shared in public.

Slim Danger always tried to get her nose in the places it didn’t belong. She even mentioned that, when Tristan Thompson dated Khloe Kardashian, that he was also dating her and was trying to double-cross both of them.

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Everything about Slim Danger and Chief Keef

It is known that Chief Keef met Slim Danger in one of his concerts. Slim Danger revealed that before attending the concert, she sent Chief Keef a video on his Instagram account, telling him that she is looking forward to the concert.

The two hit it off, although there wasn’t any information about them dating that was made public. We came to know about this after the birth of their kid.

Slim Danger took this matter to the law stating that Chief Keef has not accepted the Kid and is refusing to take the paternity test to prove whether he is the father or not. The court then declared him the father.

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