Nancy Pelosi Young Pictures: Life and Career of House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives has an amazing career. Here’s a glimpse of Nancy Pelosi Young Pictures, what she was and what she is now– Life and Career.

Nancy Pelosi Young Pictures And Life

Nancy Pelosi, 81, is currently the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Pelosi is born in an Italian-American family. Both her parents were active in politics. Her brother was also involved in politics.

Pelosi was active in politics from a very young age. She used to help her father with all the political work and campaigns. She has done BA in Political Science. She attended the Democratic National Convention at the age of 12 where she met John F. Kennedy (inaugural address, 1961).

Nancy Pelosi Young Pictures: Life and Career of House Speaker

Nancy married Paul Francis Pelosi in Baltimore, in 1963. Nancy and Paul have five children and nine grandchildren. Pelosi’s net worth to date is $29.35 million. Nancy and Paul have a vineyard worth $14.65 million in Napa Valley. Apart from this, they hs investments in shares and real estate too. Nancy is the 15th (ranking) wealthiest member of Congress.

Nancy Pelosi Career

Nancy Pelosi was elected as a member of the Democratic National Committee. Later she joined California Democratic Party. Nancy was also the founding member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus which she left in 2003. For the first time, Pelosi got elected to Congress in 1987. She is the first woman to lead a party in the Congress, as House Minority Leader.

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Pelosi represented 2 districts– the 5th district (1987–1993) and the 8th district (1993–2013). She had been re-elected 16 times, with no opposition standing strong against her. 80% of the votes are in her favor.

Nancy Pelosi Young Pictures: Life and Career of House Speaker

Nancy had her first speakership position back in 2007. Democrats unanimously chose her as the candidate. Pelosi defeated Republican John Boehner of Ohio with 233 votes to 202 in the Speaker of the House election.

Her second tenure as a speaker began in 2019, continuing to date. In 2018 (midterm elections), Democrats gained a majority, and Pelosi was nominated as the candidate for the speaker again. She was re-elected with 220 votes in her favor and 15 for others.

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