Lilianet Solares: Top 5 Facts About Chris Tamburello Wife

Lilianet Solares is a former model and the wife of Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello, a reality TV star. They have been married since 2018, they were separated.

They were also alleged to have filed for divorce in the past, but they denied the allegations and requested privacy. But, as they celebrated their 6th anniversary together, Lilianet and Chris have reconciled and appear to have worked out their issues in their marriage.

Top 5 Facts About Chris Tamburello Wife

1. Lili Solares Previously Worked as a Model and       Where she Born 

CT Tamburello and Lilianet Solares met after he relocated from Massachusetts to southern Florida in 2015. She grew up in the Miami region, and in the MTV wedding special, fans were exposed to members of her Spanish-speaking family.

Solares was born in Cuba, according to his marriage certificate from the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts. Solares worked as a model before meeting Tamburello. Solares expressed interest in commercial auditions in a talent profile on the website Empire BBK, which included a couple of photographs from his modeling days.

However, there do not appear to be any active modeling profiles for Solares available online. It’s possible she gave up following the birth of her son CJ.

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2. Lili Solares and CT Tamburello were married in court four months before the grand ceremony on MTV

In December 2018, the whole world saw Lilianet Solares walking down the aisle in MTV’s special program The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married The ceremony took place in Miami, Florida, in September, during hurricane season.

Rain was a concern, as noted in the video attached above, and it was feared that it might dampen the celebration. “Tell that to Lili!”

Tamburello laughed when Solares’ father stated rain was a blessing from God. The rain eventually held off long enough for the couple to hold their outdoor ceremony without the use of a tent.

Solares and Tamburello, on the other hand, had been married for four months before the major ceremony in front of family and friends. The pair sought a marriage certificate on May 4, 2018, according to records from the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts.

On May 31, 2018, Tamburello and Solares held a courthouse ceremony. They were married in Coral Gables, according to the license paperwork available online. Solares is also about 11 years younger than Tamburello, according to the records. She was born in November 1991 and he was born in July 1980.

Lilianet Solares: Top 5 Facts About Chris Tamburello Wife

3. CT Tamburello & Lilianet Solares Welcomed Son CJ in 2016

CT Tamburello stated that he relocated to Florida to pursue a career in real estate. He was also included in a PBS Newshour documentary in 2015 about investors flocking to the state to refurbish and sell repossessed properties during the housing crisis.

Tamburello currently owns a real estate investment company called the New Leaf Investments Group. The company’s only registered agent is him. Tamburello has never explained how he met Lilianet Solares in detail. However, it was evident that sparks flew immediately. Christopher “CJ” Tamburello Jr., Solares’ son, was born in 2016.

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In early 2017, Tamburello announced to the world that he was a parent. On The Challenge: Invasion, MTV featured clips of Tamburello’s son without revealing the child’s real age. Tamburello was also spotted on the phone with Solares during that season, although the network did not reveal her identity at the time. On-screen, MTV just identified her as “CT’s girlfriend.”

4. CT Tamburello and Lili Solares have laughed off divorce rumors.

Lili Solares has made CT Tamburello “want to be a better man,” according to him. Tamburello spoke to US Weekly after the wedding in September 2018 about his wife’s wish for solitude.

“What I love about Lily is that she doesn’t seek attention; it’s just the two of us, always.” Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I’ve developed distinct regard for privacy,” Tamburello explained. “Lili and CJ are like an oasis in my little world for me.” But in the future, I’m so proud of these cases in my life that I want to tell everyone about them. Lili also wants to get out of her hiding place. ”

Solares may have been willing to break out of her shell, but she is not as outgoing as her spouse. Tamburello frequently shares photos of their son on Instagram, while Solares is rarely featured. He tagged Solares as @lilianet tamb1123 in an older shot, but that page has since been erased.

Tamburello released a video of Solares pouring drinks while laughing about tabloid reports that they had split up in May 2019. ” There are rumors that we broke up,” Tamburello wrote in the caption. Strangely, we were the last to learn about it.”

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5. Fans saw drama between Lili Solares and CT Tamburello’s family, as well as with his MTV castmates.

As shown on The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married, the journey down the aisle was not without its bumps. Solares and his immediate family have had a long-standing feud, according to Tamburello.

Tamburello claimed that he proposed to Solares one day before leaving to film The Challenge. Before departing for the concert, he didn’t phone his parents to tell them he was engaged.

Tamburello had not notified Solares’ relatives, which Solares was unaware of. While Tamburello was away, she called them to start preparing for the wedding. Solares ended up telling her prospective in-laws about the engagement because Tamburello had not told them himself. The confrontation was described by Tamburello as a “clash of giants.”

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