Avielle Janelle Hernandez: Facts About Aaron Hernandez Daughter

Avielle Janelle Hernandez, daughter of late American footballer Aaron Josep Hernandez. She came into the media’s limelight because of her father’s status.

Avielle like any other star kid gets the media attention and therefore becomes an ongoing topic of discussion.

Let us have a look at Avielle Janella Hernandez and some facts about her:

Background and Personal Information

As of 2021, she is nine years old. She was born on 6th November 2012 in Bristol, Connecticut in the United States. She is the daughter of Aaron Josep Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins. She was 3ft and 2 inches approximately and weighs 25 kilograms at the time of writing this article. She has completed her kindergarten and is currently enrolled in Chery’s School of Dance.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez

She has a sibling from her mother’s current relationship, a younger sibling named Giselle Guilmette. Avielle Janella Hernandez loves dancing and has a desire to pursue dance as her career.

She does not hold any social media accounts and neither does her sister. Their mother has decided to keep her kid’s life personal.

Avielle Jenelle Hernandez Parents

Avielle is the daughter of Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins. Her parents never got married but they were engaged and had their only child Avielle.

Aaron was a very talented and skilled football player and played for the Patriots. He was arrested for murdering Odin Lloyd in the year 2013. They had a happy life together but after Aaron was accused of murder, their life changed.

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Avielle Janelle Hernandez

In 2015, he was found guilty of murdering Odin Lloyd with a life sentence without parole. He committed suicide in 2017 and was found dead in his cell. His life was sad and had an unexpected ending. However, at that time his daughter was still young to know what was happening with her father.

Avielle and her father celebrate a common birthday. Aaron received a precious gift from his then-girlfriend by welcoming his daughter on his 23rd birthday. His brother D.J. Hernandez posted a tweet by congratulating him with a photo of Aaron holding his newborn daughter.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez Father: Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez was a talented and skilled football player in the United States. He was born in the United States, in the city of Bristol. Aaron was a member of his team from 2007 until 2013 when he was released because of the Odin Llyod murder case. He spends three seasons in the National Football League as a member of the new New England Patriots.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez

Avielle Janella Hernandez Net Worth

According to some verified sources, the 9 years old girl has an estimated net worth of about $2 million which she shares with her mother. Back in 2017, it was found that her father had founded a trust named AJH Irrevocable Trust.

However, there is still no beneficiary of the trust but the reports say it was made for his daughter Avielle.

The life of Avielle Janella Hernandez

Even after the death of her father Aaron Hernandez, she had a pleasant childhood because of her mother, Shayanna. She is married to Dino Guilmette and has a child together. Giselle and Avielle are great friends and the sisters as well.

Avielle is school-going and is in 3rd grade now. She is a passionate dancer and her mom often shared her dance videos on her social media accounts. If you want to check her dances moves, you should visit her mom’s Instagram page and see how talented she is.

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After Aaron’s death, he had left two notes for his daughter, one for his fiancé and another for his son-in-law.

Aaron Hernandez Suicide While Serving Life Sentence

Aaron Hernandez died at 27 years of age of suicide while serving a life sentence punishment in jail. Specialists said they tracked down three notes, however, no note could be sufficiently long, at any rate. No note could make sense of the contrast between the existence he mysteriously picked and the one he might have lived.

We may never know why Hernandez committed suicide, yet I trust this: In the end, he needed to be the individual he used to be, however, he realized he could presently not carry on with such an individual’s reality.

Hernandez abandons his girl, his life partner, his sibling, his mom, and an inquiry that might torment them all: Why? This isn’t simply the agonizing inquiry of why Hernandez balanced himself with a bed-sheet in his jail cell. For what reason would he say he was even there?

Hernandez was sentenced for one homicide. Investigators accept he submitted somewhere around three. A portion of his dear loved ones keeps thinking about whether he submitted any. However, what no one might at any point completely make sense of was the reason.

Aaron Hernandez Settlement with New England Patriots

The New England Patriots didn’t pay the $3.25 million deferred signing bonus fee and base salaries of $1.323 million and $1.137 million to his family. In addition, they refused to pay the $82,000 training bonus that he had earned shortly before his arrest.

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His death in 2017 induced some mixed legal reactions. A judge threw out the player’s conviction that year, citing abatement at first -a common law legal philosophical system that dates back to English law. The ruling states that a litigator’s convictions ought to be withdrawn if the defendant dies throughout the petition.


With that ruling, some legal intellects speculated that Aaron Hernandez kid might file a case against the Patriots and therefore the league for canceling Aaron’s contract after he was charged. However, a recent report by the Bean Town Globe cast a huge shadow of doubt over the success of such a suit.

Did Avielle Janelle Hernandez receive money from the NFL?

Avielle Janelle Hernandez got no compensation from her late dad’s club. Her dad’s homicide case was maintained by The Massachusetts Supreme Judiciary Court in a consistent choice.

The Supreme Judicial Court presumed that the standard is out of date and is in disharmony with current life conditions. The court then, at that point, requested that Aaron’s conviction be maintained, and furthermore, the demonstration ought to be abrogated for planned indictments.

After her father’s death, he was supposed to receive the remaining money from his team patriots which includes millions of signing bonuses and also basic salaries. After his suicide,

his daughter Avielle was all set to file a complaint of a $20 million lawsuit against the NFL. However, the court did not allow her to file the lawsuit as the NFL concussion settlement deadline had passed.

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