Maci Currin? Facts About the Tallest Woman on Earth

Maci Currin a 17-year-old teen born in Texas created her own history by smashing the record of “the Guinness world of having longest legs in the world “. She is an overnight star by breaking the 2 records of Guinness, setting an example for the upcoming generation she laid her own way for business and on the other side, she is aspiring to be a Model.

Maci Currin and her family

Maci Currin was born in 2003, the only daughter of Cameron and Trish Currin, who has Irish ancestry. she has spent most of her childhood in Texas . she was very much interested in volleyball. It is pretty obvious that she might be a professional volleyball player if she didn’t choose to be a Model.

Maci Currin? Facts About the Tallest Woman on Earth Maci has done her primary education at Cedar Park and later she has enrolled at a local High school and she will be a high school graduate this year. She has a brother Jake Currin who is elder to her but shorter than his little sister by 193 centimeters. Her father is about 195 centimeters while her mother just reaches her armpits.

This is something unusual, being taller than the overall average height of a woman. she has to bend over to enter the house, and often bumps here and there. Now she has moved each and every step carefully and is conscious of everything.

Maci Currin’s Guinness World Record 

When Maci was 18 months she was 2. feet 1 inch tall which was strange. Unexpectedly while shopping, she couldn’t find the right size of leggings, that moment she realized she has exceptionally long legs .she would have to buy XXL hoodies and she has to bend over while getting into the car.

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Maci Currin? Facts About the Tallest Woman on Earth

Her positive attitude and support from her family had led her to earn the title of World’s longest teen, she is an inspiration and encouragement to the people who would want to achieve something extraordinary in their life. she stated that she would encourage anyone who is willing to break the record, even giving a positive note don’t let anyone change your mind just go for it.

I realized for the first time that I’m longer than others, When I was in Pre-school, I was introduced to people and I was all the Longer “.

Currin decided to apply for this record while measuring a custom pair of leggings. However just her legs itself more than half of her body and later she submitted an application to Guinness world.

In the famous Tv show “PEOPLE” she told that ” I was Honestly shocked, submitted to try and break it kind of for a joke. I never thought I would actually break the record. In fact, she had her legs measured by a doctor as proof to submit for Guinness.

All these made her register for the title of teen female having the longest legs in the Guinness Book of world records with her left leg measuring 135.267 cm and right leg measuring 134.3cm respectively, which is 60% of her body. Maci has broken the record of previous title holder Russian model EKATERINA LISINA ‘ of Tall 2.03 meters and 6.9 in feet, she currently holds the title of Tallest Professional Model.

Maci Currin wants to be a Model

Earning the title of Gunnies book of the world of the record made her dreams come true. Maci Currin was gifted with the exceptional ability to have the longest legs in the world, she could easily become a model and could pursue modeling.

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she plans to do modeling after graduating from high school Outside the U.S and is interested in enrolling for Graduation in the United Kingdom and also doing modeling simultaneously. In fact, she is already working for a clothing Brand ” ZENRYZE “.

Maci Currin Now Has an OnlyFans

She’s gone from Guinness to OnlyFans — and she’s arriving at new levels.

Maci Currin — a Texas high schooler who broke two Guinness World Records for her tall height — has developed her notoriety as a substance maker on OnlyFans.

In 2021, the 19-year-old, who remains at 208cm, scored the Guinness titles for her legs, which measure around 135cm.

Presently, Currin has been depending on her characteristics growing a monstrous following on TikTok and OnlyFans.

Her TikTok account has developed to right around 2 million devotees over the most recent a long time since she began posting recordings during the pandemic.

The Cedar Park, Texas, local scored the Guinness World Records for the longest female legs and longest high school legs. Her right leg measures 135.28cm, and her marginally more limited left leg comes in at 134.29cm.

Currin said her TikTok account initially began as a joke, yet when she became famous online, she chose to utilize that great energy to spread inspirational tones.

The force to be reckoned with conceded that the advantages of being tall are “restricted.” While her height has permitted her to be associated with sports like b-ball and volleyball growing up, she said she was harassed during her young life for being so graceful.

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