Angelica Zachary: Everything About Marlon Wayans’ ex-wife

Angelica Zachary is popularly known for tying knots with the popular actor, Marlon Wayans.

If you are obsessed with films and television, you must’ve heard about Marlon Wayans. In this article, we will talk about his ex-wife, Angelica Zachary.

Who is Angelica Zachary?

Angelica Zachary is popularly known for tying knots with the popular actor, Marlon Wayans. There was a time when she became one of those people who would attract media wherever they go.

Although she never really liked all the attention she got from the media, she became habitual to it. She became a public figure only after marrying Marlon Wayans otherwise there wasn’t much information about her.

Angelica Zachary

Angelica Zachary’s Early life

Angelica Zachary spent most of her life in the city of New York. She was born in the year 1972 on 22 February. Her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is Blasian.

There is not much information regarding her parents or guardians, as all her life, she tried her best to hide from all the media attention and interviews, and even after getting married, she tried to avoid revealing anything about her past life.

Angelica Zachary Education and Career

There is not much information available regarding the educational institutions she attended or the name of her high school.

She didn’t even reveal anything about her career or goals. But as we know that she was a public figure, it was discovered that she portrayed some roles, that weren’t very big, in various films such as I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. Her role was played beautifully and with this, she established her name in the field of acting.

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Angelica Zachary

Relationship status and timeline with Marlon Wayans

Angelica Zachary and Marlon Wayans met long before around the beginning of the year 1992. There is no information regarding how they met. However, we know that the beautiful couple got attracted to each other and decided to start their dating life.

They dated for almost ten years before they decided to get married and spend the rest of their life together. It was in 2005 that they had a beautiful ceremony. The marriage was not made public, and it was performed secretly in the presence of a few family members.

Angelia Zachary always wanted a simple wedding with almost no media attention and gathering and that was how this wedding was performed. The couple vowed to each other. They also got the opportunity to raise two beautiful kids together, Amai and Shawn. They had one each, a boy and a girl.

Angelica Zachary

It can be seen that the couple did a great job in raising their kids, and they fully support them in all their life decisions. Their first daughter is openly proud about being a lesbian and her parents try their best to support her and the community.

Everything was going well between them but nothing remains hidden from the media, and they discovered that the couple was living in separate houses. This went on for almost two years, and it was around the year 2013 when the camera caught Marlon kissing someone other than his wife.

At this point, their divorce wasn’t finalized yet. But it wasn’t long and the couple grew apart. However, they still see each other at family dinners and have continued to maintain a healthy relationship with their children. They both are single now, and together they are raising their kids.

Angela Zachary and Marlon Wayans’ Divorce

Angela Zachary is the ex of Marlon Wayans. However, the pair in the long run split in 2013, they were a couple for a considerable length of time and had two youngsters together — Amai Zackery Wayans, brought into the world on May 24, 2000, and Shawn Howell Wayans, brought into the world on February 3, 2002.

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However, the pair never hitched, individuals frequently accept Angelica Zachary as Marlon Wayans’ ex on the grounds that the couple were together for countless years and had kids together.

Zachary keeps a genuinely calm profile and isn’t dynamic via web-based entertainment. Nonetheless, she’s plainly still friendly with her ex, who posted a progression of sweet return photographs on Instagram recently out of appreciation for Mother’s Day. Close by the delightful pics, Marlon Wayans said, “Happy Mother’s Day to my baby… you have been wonderful, loyal, loving, compassionate, empathetic, courageous, humble, strong, responsible, sweet, intelligent, God-fearing, beautiful inside and out. And you managed to pour all of that into our children. How can I not honor you on this day and every day. [Expletive], after reading all that you are, all I can think is, ‘boy you really [expletive] that up Marlon!’ This love is beyond the flesh… we’re in the blood. Love you for life… this one and all the ones after. Fellas, I don’t care what she did, how you may hurt, why y’all broke up… it doesn’t matter. Be grateful for the gift of life she gave you. Honor that woman today… and every day. She’s always your family.


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The couple initially met in 2001, and it was that year that they began a close connection, yet it took them four years to see whether they were ideal for one another and wed in 2005.

The couple evidently partook in a blissful life until the mid-2010s, when their sentiment began becoming dim, and it was in 2013 that Marlon was seen kissing another lady, and that very year the couple reported their separation, having proactively begun living independently.

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By and by, in spite of the separation, the two have stayed embracing a positive outlook, and have settled on co-nurturing their two kids, who are currently 18 and 16 years of age.

In February 2018, Marlon shared a birthday message made for his ex, talking about her with affection and regard, and saying that she will generally be a piece of his loved ones. Most of late, Marlon made a sitcom in view of genuine occasions, including his life after separating from Angelica, named “Marlon”. His ex is depicted by Essence Atkins.

Angelica Zachary Net Worth

Angelica Zachary’s annual income is estimated to be around $1 million. After getting divorced from the popular actor, she must have acquired some of his property and this may have led to an increase in her financial stability.

Being the piece of the huge Wayans family, it was just normal for Marlon to send off his vocation in media outlets, yet since his most memorable joint effort with his siblings, Marlon has gotten away from family and has fabricated a name for himself.

Up to this point he has had accomplishments with a couple of activities all alone, including “Marlon“, and “Fifty Shades of Black” among others, contributing consistently to his riches. Things being what they are, have you at any point thought about how rich Marlon Wayans is, actually 2018? As indicated by legitimate sources, it has been assessed that Marlon Wayans’ total assets are all around as high as $40 million.

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