Emma Walker Death: Tragic Story and Where is William Riley Gaul Now?

Emma Walker was a cheerful and kind-hearted cheerleader and a junior at the Central High of Knoxville, Tennessee. At a young age, she got into a relationship that resulted in her death. In November 2016, Emma Walker Death was the biggest news. She was found dead while sleeping in her room and a shot in her head.

Though she has ended the toxic relationship she was in but she could not stop Riley Gaul from stalking or wanting her back. Her tragic story highlights domestic violence and emotional abuse, her parents also want to convey that besides adults, every teenager should be educated as well.

Emma Walker Death: Who is Emma Jane Walker & Her Tragic Story

Emma Walker Death!

On March 20, 2000, Jil Walker gave birth to a girl child with Mark Walker. They named the child Emma Walker. She also has a sibling, Evan Walker.

Everything seems perfect and normal, the family was happy until the 14-year-old girl, Emma caught the eye of a player in the football team, Riley Gaul. In 2014, she joined the cheerleading squad and he was the team’s wide receiver. 

According to her friend, Lauren Hutton, she took cheerleading seriously and it was also a part of her passion. She loved being part of a crowd appeal. Whereas, Riley was raised by his parents and grandparents. He loved video games and also was a top student.  

When Gaul first met Emma’s parents, he gave a good first impression. He seems likable to her parents. Then, he started visiting her in the house and meeting up to eat and have fun. Emma was happy to have him in her life. She also shared some of their pictures together in which she seems happy. She enjoyed her company.

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Relationship’s Ups and Downs

They seemed picture-perfect but on the inside, it was an on-and-off relationship. Her friends got concerned when he started putting restrictions on her and even commented on what and what not to wear. He became very clingy and attempted to stop her from doing some things. He did not want her to be with someone else except him.

Her friends notified Emma about her unusual behavior of Gaul and warned her. However, he became aggressive and sent messages like, “I hate you I hate everything about you” and “you’re the biggest bitch I’ve ever come in contact with.” But there would also be some apologetic messages just after that “Emma, I’m sorry for however I act” and “I love you more than words can describe”. 

By then, her parents felt alarmed and tried to make some distance between them. They even banned him from the house and took Emma’s phone. Though it was not so successful and in 2016, they were still in a relationship. 

Who is Emma Jane Walker? Emma Walker Death & Tragic Story


Before Emma Walker Death, Emma’s parents tried to keep her on house arrest and just allowed her to go to school and cheerleading. Emma and Gaul stopped communicating. Her friends were also relieved that she was coming back to her senses. But, Gaul did not take it for good. 

On November 18, 2016, Emma attended an event at her friend’s house. She received some odd texts about kidnapping someone she loved. At first, she did not pay much attention but then the texts displayed about throwing someone outside the house.

When she and her other friends went out, she found Riley lying upside down in a ditch and claiming that he was kidnapped. Emma and her friends got confused and tried to call the cops which he denied.

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On the next day, she found someone walking in front of her house in all black and the man rang the doorbell many times. Scared Emma texted her friends and Gaul about the incident. He did come and waited with her in the front yard for her family to come. Then, Emma’s father asked him to leave the house.

Emma Walker Death

Her parents noticed that Gaul wanted her attention but he was going too overboard. On November 21, 2016, her mother went to wake her up for breakfast but she slept for eternity. In the investigation, cops found a bullet shot in her head behind her left ear.

The bullet was shot from the outside of the house and even left a hole in the wall. They found two bullet casings and the other bullet had lodged into her pillow.

After the investigation, they concluded Riley Gaul was the main suspect. His friends told the cops about the gun he had stolen from his grandfather and even asked about how to remove the fingerprints from the gun. Cops had decided to do an operation and collect the evidence to his friends, Waltty, Agron, and Alex McCareed.

Investigators also found the gloves and black clothes and suspected him to be the man in the black clothing on Saturday before Emma Walker Death.

Emma Walker Death

What Happened Riley Gaul?

Riley Gaul was found guilty of the brutal murder of Emma Walker by the Knox County Jury. He is now serving a life sentence with a chance at parole after 51 years.

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In the trial, Riley Gaul was found guilty of the crime of first-degree murder, theft, stalking, and possessing a firearm. Because of first-degree murder, he was suffering a life sentence. 

In the court, Riley Gaul said, “I’m sorry I took Emma away from you, that I robbed you of the experience of watching your daughter grow up. What I can do is tell the truth about that night… I wanted to scare her… I never meant to take Emma’s life. Again I am sorry.” 

Where is Riley Gaul Now?

The garbage sack Riley had contained the homicide weapon, some dark apparel, gloves and other things. The specialists accepted he was the secret man at Emma’s entryway before her passing.

Riley stood preliminary for the homicide in May 2018. The safeguard asserted that he simply intended to frighten Emma and not kill her. At 19 years of age, Riley was seen as at legitimate fault for first-degree murder, following, robbery, foolish risk, and ownership of a gun during a risky crime.

Riley was subsequently condemned to life in jail with the chance of parole following 51 years. He said to Emma’s folks during a condemnation, “Please accept my apologies I removed Emma from you, that I denied you of the experience of watching your little girl grow up.

Everything I can do is say to reality with regards to that evening… I needed to startle her… I never intended to end Emma’s life. Again I am grieved.” Riley remains detained at the Northwest Correctional Complex in Tiptonville, Tennessee.

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