Doors of Stone Release Date TEASED by Patrick Rothfuss

Earlier it was being speculated that the Doors of Stone Release Date is set to be July 8, 2021. However, that was false. We currently do not have any release date for Doors of Stone. We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information.

It is creating a lot of buzz in the fantasy world, fans have been waiting almost a decade for this final book. The last book of this trio was published in March 2011, The Wise Man’s Fear. 

Written by an award-winning American writer of fantasy fiction, and a former college lecturer, Patrick Rothfuss.

Meanwhile, we got to know the spoilers and the background of the final book, Doors of Stone, of the trio- the Kingkiller Trilogy.

Everyone around the world loves fantasy novels and movies. As we know Game of Thrones became one of the most epic shows and novels of all time just because people love the stories set in fantasy worlds. There are other novels too, which were highly praised by the audience like The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, The Chronicles Of Narnia, and many more. But there is one book, which has been in everyone’s mind for a decade, literally.

For those who don’t know, there is a fantasy novel written by Patrick Rothfuss called The Kingkiller Chronicle. It’s a three-part epic fantasy novel. The first two novels were loved by the people and they are desperately waiting for the third one for a decade now. Here’s everything we know about the last book.

Doors of Stone Release Date TEASED by Patrick Rothfuss

Doors of Stone Background:

Even before the first book, named The Name of the Wind, was published, Rothfuss expressed his desire for the Kingkiller Trilogy. While in an FAQ, 2017, the author said that despite the editor’s disagreement, the title of the third and the final book would remain the Doors of Stone due to popular consensus. Though later, he convinced the editor of this title. 

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The First Two Books:

The name of the first two books is The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. One was released in 2007 and the second one was released in 2011, exactly, 10 years before as of today. The fantasy novel set in a fantasy world focuses on the territory of Temerant. The story revolves around a character named Kvothe.

When he grows up, he became one of the greatest magicians the world has ever seen. Beyond all the magic and spells and whatnot. It’s a simple story of a wizard who was an orphan but against all odds, he got admission to one of the most prestigious universities of Magic.

The second novel starts where the first ended. This novel focuses on the struggles of Kvothe to find the real reason his parent died. He is also searching for the mystery of Amyr, the Chandrian. And he wants to uncover the mystery behind everything. The second novel also focuses on our main characters and their struggles to live for his legacy.

Doors of Stone Release Date TEASED by Patrick Rothfuss

Doors of Stone Release Date:

After a long time, fans thought they were finally getting their piece of literature from Patrick Rothfuss, They have already waited for 10 years, almost a decade. Earlier it was being speculated that the Doors of Stone Release Date is set to be July 8, 2021. However, that was false. We currently do not have any release date for Doors of Stone. We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information. His work has also inspired yellowstone season 6 which was well received by critics.

Doors of Stone Release Date News was FAKE

There were rumors going around that Patrick Rothfuss was going to release the final book in his Kingkiller Trilogy in July 2021. This rumor was backed by an Amazon product entry. That product entry was of Doors of Stone and was marked by July 2021 Release Date. And if you are reading this article then you know that product entry was false. Therefore rendering the entire leak a false rumor.

Many people have deduced that the reason the amazon product entry of doors of stone had a fake release date. They claim that the reason behind this is that amazon requires a release date of the product to be mentioned for it to make a valid entry. However, we could only make a speculation. And this made all the fans who have been waiting for Doors of Stone for more than a decade, very sad.

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The book will take off right from where it left in The Wise Man’s Fear- Kvothe’s life. Apparently, the length of this final novel will be comparatively shorter than the previous ones, especially The Wise Man’s Fear. 

Recently, Rothfuss dropped some hints about the plot while chatting with his fans on his social media handle. As he said, a new magical adventure might begin and this time one of the most important locations of his trilogy- the University might hold lesser importance in the final one. Besides this, the storyteller might or might not turn up in the showdown. He left an uncertain remark, and this led to another mystery in the minds of the readers.

Doors of Stone Release Date TEASED by Patrick Rothfuss

Lastly, this book might hold an account of a series of funerals as Rothfuss added that everyone dies and it should be in the right way at the right setting. 

With this, readers can finally assume that the last plot of this trilogy is going to be way more exciting and exhilarating as one goes through the pages of the novel. 

About Doors of Stone and Background

The Doors of Stone will tell the life story of Kvothe. It picks up from where the wise man’s fear left off. It will cover the third and final day of the chronicle-related stories, ending the “Kovart’s Story” and the “arc” that began in the name of the wind. However, Rothfuss intends to create more works with Temerant as the background.

Just before the release of the first novel The Name of the Wind, Rothfuss confessed in an interview that he already had already been thinking of the title “The Doors of Stone” mind as a provisional title for his third book in his Kingkiller Trilogy. Rothfuss has confirmed that he had already written the entire Kingkiller Trilogy as one story. And now he is actively trying to revising the content of his story, (namely the final book, The Doors of Stone) to ensure that the third and final book is “good”.

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In January 2017, while answering an FAQ, he confirmed that, his editor was not fond of the title of the third book. But despite his editor’s disapproval, he chose to name his third book, “The Doors of Stone” simply because it had, by “popular consensus” (i.e. Rothfuss referring to the book as such in interviews), become the de facto title; Rothfuss added that the editor was now “comfortable” with the title.

Rothfuss has said that The Doors of Stone will most likely be no longer than The Wise Man’s Fear and guesses that it may even be a bit shorter.

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