Who is Sarah Jade, Dave Bautista ex-Wife and Everything about her

If you are a fan of wrestling matches, you must have heard about Dave Bautista. But, how much do you know about his ex-Wife, Sarah Jade?

Who is Sarah Jade?

Sarah Jade is known for her relationships with the well-known wrestler, Dave Bautista. Dave Bautista doesn’t require any introduction but as for his wife, she was not only known to the public after she engaged with the popular wrestler but, she was herself a prominent public figure for discussions and gossips.

She is a well-known pole dancer. She has many other qualities like teaching, dancing, and she is also excelling in the field of an entrepreneur.

Sarah Jade Early life

Sarah Jane was born in the beautiful town of Florida in the year 1987. She spent her childhood in the same town, Tampa. She is in her early 30s. There is not much information about her parents. But, we know that she is the only child of her parents. She taught herself to dance and while she was working in a strip club as a bartender, she found herself amazed by pole dancing.

Sarah Jade

What did Sarah Jade Study?

Sarah Jade went to The University of Florida in her town. She was a brilliant kid and excelled in various fields. She graduated from her University with doing major in Sociology.

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Sarah Jade Career and Decisions

It was back in 2006 that she first thought how wonderful it would feel if she tried pole dancing. Once she became determined about life as a pole dancer, she decided to learn.

She even bought a pole and tried to learn about it. Likewise, she decided to learn the dance from YouTube videos of famous dancers.

Sarah Jade

Furthermore, she even mentioned that she is thankful for the videos of Alethea Austin and Karol Helms. She never let her hobby of pole dancing get in the way of her studies and she graduated with flying colors. It was after this that she decided to join a dance academy and get professionally trained for her talent.

Everyone was impressed by her talents, and it was then that she thought about participating in various competitions and converting her passion into a future. There was a fitness competition held in Florida and all the pole dancers were eligible to attend.

She won the title of being the most athletic. She continued to take part in other competitions and her most remarkable achievement was the Miss Pole Dance America 2016.

Sarah Jade

Sarah decided to use her amazing mind into something more and taking into account, her immense love for pole dancing, she decided to open a dance academy and convert her talent into profits. Furthermore, she believes that pole dancing could be an amazing way for people to take a break from their tedious life and participate in activities that would help their minds be fresh and body fit.

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Relationship with Dave Bautista

Sarah and Dave were coupled for a long time. They were private about their whole dating life. When they were dating, it was like hot gossip because there was a huge gap between both of their ages.

Not only that, Dave was already married twice by then, and it was awkward for everyone. However, they were in love and got married in late 2015. That didn’t last long as Dave announced in 2019 that he was single again.

Not much is known about Sarah’s love life for now. She is a private person and hasn’t revealed any information about the man she is dating. Although she keeps updating her Instagram now and then with pictures from their date.

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