Goblin Slayer Face Reveal: Who is Goblin Slayer? History and Origin

Goblin Slayer is the lead character in the series who is an accomplished silver-ranked adventurer or explorer who chases goblins.


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Goblin Slayer: Face Reveal

Goblin Slayer Face has been the subject of the series’ interest for quite some time. He is the main character of the Japanese dark fantasy popular novel series Goblin Slayer. It is written by Kumo Kagyu and directed by Noboru Kannatsuki.

The story revolves around a group of adventurers who unites a Guild and take many jobs to earn money. A princess gets into problems with goblins on her first commission or assignment and is saved by Goblin, whose only aim is to murder goblins.

The climax of the first season disclosed only a small part of Goblin Slayer Face, with two marks near his chin when he beat Goblin aristocrat and rescued his motherland.

Goblin Slayer: History

He uses weapons that seem as average to under average and is many times miscalculated. He uses such weapons as they are the greatest in chasing goblins. He wears a full costume of armor plate made for defense and pliability when chasing goblins.

Goblin Slayer is known to bear supernatural or magical things such as a ring that lets him respire underwater and a gate manuscript that is attached to the base of the ocean.

Goblin slayer face reveal
Goblin slayer face reveal

Goblin Slayer: Real name

His real name is Goburin Suriya in Japanese. As a child, he was the lone remainder of a goblin assault on his village. During the assault, he observed his elder sister being exploited and killed while pounding under the motorcar of his house. From there, he has had a huge dislike and violent desire of murdering all the goblins.

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History and origin

After the assault, he was saved by a robber who tutored him on the art needed to murder goblins. After five years, he appealed to the adventurer’s community. He uses his salary to pay for his living and helps with tasks and deliveries.

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