Hisashi Midoriya: Where is Midoriya’s Father? is He All For One?

Hisashi Midoriya have always been secret and mysterious to us, we all wanted to know the family line of same, knowing about the family is what makes us live the world and it makes the world a better place to live in.

Family is the connection that binds them and makes them a good person, it plays the important role in the social, political, economic, and social aspects of the person’s personality.

Hisashi Midoriya 

In our favorable anime My Hero Academia, it has been found that the Deku has confronted numerous demise

But the whole show has always talked about his mother and how he worries about his mother all along but what about his father, does he ever feel anything towards his father? Does he even want to know who his father is exactly? And if he is here in the world then where he is? This question occurs in our mind always whenever we watch the hero academica.

Hisashi Midoriya

But are we ever gonna find the answers to these questions? Will Deku be fortunate enough to have to see his father by any means? Well, we don’t know? Let’s find out

But also the lack of not knowing who his father is can hurt him even more?

Theories About His Father

There are a lot of theories available on the internet regarding the existence of his father by fans, but those theories regarding Hisashi’s factors and abilities.

Founded on the insufficient percentage of evidence there is on Deku’s papa, here are some indications to the location of Hisashi Midoriya

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But there has been no indication and implication regarding todorokis but there are a lot of data available on the internet to support this theory let’s find what are some of those.

Facts Supporting The Same

The very first fact will be that there is no evidence about the absence of a father from his life and even if we say the culprit is he but we are not sure who it could be, hence it’s a matter of a lot of observation and condition regarding the presence of father but here we are.

But there is no more data available regarding the father but it is considered that Midoriya can be one of them given he has amazingly quick and he is the only busy person oversees regarding his work, but one has to take into consideration that it is even fire breathing and this so-called work keeps him occupied stealing and manufacturing Naomh, training Homura and always all about his empire

The other he could be his father us because he is always absent from the lives of his wife and son only due to his fight with all might.

Info and all the all-mighty scar had limited his power and gaindef a much disfigured and leaving a sadness from the given he has placed the scares from last few years given it takes a lot of courage to what izuku when he is only had attained the teenage.

So probably he can infer that when he went out for the fight he was only around the age of 5 and 6.

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A lot can be inferred from the piece of evidence given how Horikoshi is a huge star and he is also related to and love the part franchise into MHA.

Moreover, the other characters in MHA can come from star wars and the little boy also represents the young like who has all his life ha troubles became a Jedi

Certain attitudes in MHA emulate species a Jedi, Gran Torino who’s akin to Obi-wan Kenobi, both of which are well past their prime and have to train Izuku and Luke respectively. All Might furthermore fiddles the position of Obi-wan because of how often he’s there.

So is All For One Izuku Midoriya’s father? If you begged Horikoshi or his committee this problem, they would say, “We’ll see how the article plays out.” To that, I announce it’s not unthinkable. But at a similar moment, it’s not highly inclined. I may have blown that timeline comprehending when Izuku’s papa would’ve evacuated so rectify me if I’m untrue.

Only according the story it also makes sense, why because the father is the ultimate villain and also the timing is to reveal about theatre identity of the father and if is even caught up in any other many there are huge chances if happening over here gain given the izuku had unlocked everything roughly.

Also because to take into consideration that it is even fire breathing and this so-called work keeps him occupied stealing and manufacturing Naomh, training Homura and always all about his empire, giving all the facts and evidence we could give a thump up all the story and evidence.

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