Top 5 Movies About Disasters You Need to Watch Now

Disaster movies are not commonly made. There are many bad disaster movies but a few of them are good. We are here to talk about the good ones. Here is a list of a few good disaster movies you need to watch.


If you look at what’s happening today in relation to the CoronaVirus, you need to watch this movie. The movie revolves around a deadly virus that has spread in the world are is killing people. The movies show the struggle of medic workers, healthcare systems, politics, conspiracy theories, vaccines, and chaos that emerged from it. It a well-written script and quite fast-paced.


The majority of you guys have already watched this movie but I am still gonna mention it because it’s really a good disaster movie. This is cosmic-level threat stuff. The world is ending and a couple of people try to save their lives. There is also a conflict between the elite and poor people. The class divides as we know it. But the movie ends with hope. As a matter of fact, every disaster movie ended with hope.

The Day After Tomorrow:

This movie deals with the dangers of climate change and goes overboard with it. With the sudden fall in temperature, the world sees another ice age and because of death. The movie deals with all the possible outcomes of a modern age ice age. This movie also showed how people will react in the face of danger and well, the sudden death of loved ones. This movie has Jake Gyllenhaal in lead.

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Independence Day:

We already have the deadly viruses, the world’s end, climate change, but this movie is different. With Will Smith in the lead, this movie is about an Alien invasion. There’s a spaceship that has come to earth and started destroying major places. It a story about how they defeat the allies and also shows how humans will behave in this type of situation. More like a character study.


It’s not a good film series. There are 6 parts and you have to watch it just to see how absurd these movies are. But you need to watch them. I will not tell you guys this story because there’s nothing to tell except sharks and tornados.

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