List of Some of the Beautiful Movies Ever Made

There are some great movies out there that are not just marvelous in their plot but their cinematography. These movies are beautiful when you watch them on a big or small screen. The colors are perfect and will sync with the scene giving it a sort of magical realism. The contrast will perfectly tell you the theme of the movie and the mood that the director wants you in. So, here are some movies which are just beautiful.

The Lord Of The Rings 1:

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the rings is the most beautiful part of the whole Trilogy. The trilogy is one of the classical movies of all time as well as the greatest. But one can notice the colors and tone of the movie which resonates with the theme of the movie. It can be seen in the part where they are in Rivendell and the journey is supposed to start to destroy the ring.

2001: A Space Odyssey:

One of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made. This movie’s cinematography is I think the best cinematography in science fiction. Yes, better than Interstellar. Whether we in the times of early humans, or we are in space, or we are traveling through a wormhole of some sort. The cinematography is just perfect. The colors match the scene perfectly and they have used different colors for different moods in the movie.

Life Of Pie:

This movie is the best 3d movie you will watch. Better than Avatar. The movie is full of colors blue, green, yellow, and many more colors. There is a scene where our protagonist is imagining something and the visuals of that scene are just mesmerizing. The story is about an Indian boy who has been stranded on a boat with a Tiger. In 3d you can even feel the water on you. And what they have done with CGI is just extraordinary.

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The single-handedly most profitable movie out there. This movie made billions of dollars on box office when it was not even in fashion to have a billion dollars in profit. There are going to be four more parts in this movie and James Cameron is working on the second installment. This movie had a weak plot but we all love this movie because it introduced us to a new world. A more powerful one and most amazing where many extraordinary things are possible with great 3d experience. And that’s how the movie was promoted too.

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