Artemis Moon Mission Everything You Need To Know About The Same

Artemis Moon Mission: United states – led international human spaceflight program the Artemis Program was launched in 2017 in order to return humans to the moon. It formally began in December 2017 under the Trump administration. The main focus of the mission is commercial mining of the moon. The mission of NASA is handled by NASA along with U.S. commercial spaceflight companies.

Artemis Moon Mission: NASA’s Mission To Moon.

The international partners for the missions are various space agencies of Europe, Luxembourg, Japan, Canada, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Brazil, South Korea, and New Zealand. The program was officially endorsed by the Biden Administration in February after which in April this year SpaceX signed a contract with NASA in order to develop, manufacture and fly two lunar missions with the Starship HLS lunar lander.

The project is led by Subashini Iyer the Indian-born engineer from Coimbatore. Iyer was the only woman to graduate from her college in 1992 from the field of mechanical engineering. In a statement that she gave regarding the project, she said

“It has been nearly 50 years since we last stepped on the moon…we are getting ready to take humans back to the moon and beyond, to mars,”

She is responsible for overseeing the core stage of NASA’s ambitious project. She is associated with the Space Launch System for the past two years.

“My role involves overseeing any support that NASA needs once the core stage is built and handed over to NASA,” said Iyer

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The program uses new and innovative technologies for exploring the moon more. NASA’s new rocket the SLS will be sending Orion spacecraft nearly a quarter-million miles from earth with the astronauts to the lunar orbit.

In order to test its deep space exploration systems NASA will be sending two missions around the moon.

To test the SLS and the Orion spacecraft without crew Artemis I was sent. Which is followed by the Artemis II which tested the SLS along with the Orion test flight this also had crew in it. NASA along with Artemis III will land astronauts on the moon by 2024.

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