25th Island of Greece Meme Explained: Origin and Meaning Explained

As you have been scrolling through Twitter or some other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram you may have seen everyone talking about the 25th island of Greece. Greece has 6,000 islands, of which 227 are occupied, but why is everyone talking about the 25th island.

25th island of Greece Meme: Highlights

The 25th island of Greece is an island in the Cyclades called Amorgos. The meme is literally going viral because people are comparing the name ‘Amorgos’ to ‘Among Us’.
And among us is an online multiplayer space-issued game that derived from the United States of America and is a very liked game all over the world. And the fans of the game Among Us seemingly find this funny.

That’s all where it came. That’s why there is a craze about this meme. For memes to viral surely don’t need solid comedy and this is the best example for this. Some people might really find this entertaining because most of them must have been playing Among Us game or just a meme lover in common. The audience is enjoying different kinds of memes but do not understand the whole meaning and the origin of the meme.

25th island Greece meme
25th island Greece meme

25th Island of Greece Meme: Full Story

According to its size, Amorgos is the 25th most popular of the Greek islands. “Amorgos” is the name of the meme that has gone viral nowadays.

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In the game, astronauts ramble about a rocket ship, carrying out tedious works as they go. But there is a fake member of the team who tries to harm the ship’s security and kill the team members to obtain ingress to the ship.

While 25th Island of Greece may have gone viral as a meme, the real island whose name is Amorgos is the loveliest island in Greek and is known to be most visited in the 8 must-see attractions. And as the name goes it is also the 25th biggest island of Greece with 126.3 km in size.

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