Who is Lilianet Solares? Chris Tamburello Wife And Everything About Her

Lilianet Solares, otherwise known as Lili Solares, is a former model. She initially belongs to Cuba and is mostly identified in the media as the wife of reality TV star Chris Tamburello. He is popular as the star of the MTV reality show cast The Challenge.

The Early life of Lilianet Solares

As we said, Lilianet is a former model. She was born in Cuba on Nov 23, 1991. After many years of her birth, her family shifted to the United States. There she alongside her family settled in the Miami area.

Lili shares a very great bond with her parents. But she has always kept all the information about her father and mother away from the spotlight.

She completed her primary education in Cuba and finished her higher education in the United States. She is American with regards to nationality and associated with white nationality.

Lilianet Solares and Chris Tamburello Marriage

They got married on the 8th of September,2018, in Miami. The couple incidentally select to get married in the middle of Hurricane season in Miami. Luckily, the rain held long enough for the accomplishment of their wedding ceremony.

Though their marriage was held in September, they had married illicitly a few months before time in a Miami court on May 31, 2018. They had appealed for a marriage certificate on May 4, 2018.

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Lilianet Solares

A special episode related to their marriage was premiered on an MTV reality show The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married in December 2018.

Lilianet and Chris Separation

Though things appear really good at the beginning, Lilianet Solares separated from her husband Chris after two years of their marriage. He said that he was very disturbed for a few seasons of the show since his marriage. He also disclosed that he and his wife Lili were living separately for a while.

Chris TamburelloFortunately, after Chris’s elimination from the reality show, the couple appeared to be back together.

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