Joe Biden All Set to Attend Meet With NATO Leaders on March 24th

Joe Biden, the current President of the United States of America is all set to attend meet with NATO leaders on March 24th. The meeting is likely to discuss the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in great detail.

The members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation would discuss the probable implications of this offensive and the threat is poses on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of various nations across Europe. Readout this blog to know more about NATO and why it is concerned with the ongoing onslaught on Ukraine by Russia.

What is NATO?

NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was created during the Cold War era as a direct challenge to the threats that the Soviet Union posed to various Western nations at that time. Interestingly, Ukraine and Russia were both parts of the Soviet Union. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine established closer relations with Europe while Russia continued to be drifted apart from them.

The likelihood of Ukraine joining NATO is purportedly the primary reason why Russia invaded Ukraine. NATO is primarily an alliance of European and North American nations that have sworn to defend each other. The agreement between the NATO nations states that an attack against any one of these nations shall be construed as an attack against all of them and shall invite joint military action from all these nations.

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This meeting with NATO leaders will probably see Mr. Biden discussing the Russian threat in great detail.

Why is the US Holding This Meet With NATO Leaders on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine?

The rising Russian threat is making most European countries, especially those bordering Ukraine, worry about the implications of this invasion on their sovereignty nad territorial integrity in the future. They are apprehensive that Russia won’t stop with just this attack but would rather continue invading other countries. Germany has raised its national defense budget in this invasion.

The various sanctions imposed on Russia are also likely to inflate energy prices in Europe and harm their economies which haven’t yet recovered fully from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. It remains to be seen as to what new ways these NATO nations would come up with in this upcoming meeting.

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