Ukraine President Zelensky Ready For Peace Talk With Russia, But Not in Belarus

After Russia sent an assignment to Belarus and said it was prepared to begin harmony dealings with Ukraine in Gomel city, Ukraine President Zelensky dismissed Moscow’s proposition.

He said that Russia has been doing a portion of its assaults on Ukraine from Belarus and he is available to talks just in areas that are not showing hostility towards his country. Areas adequate to Ukraine President Zelensky incorporate Warsaw, Istanbul, and Baku.

“I’m prepared for arrangements in any country from where rockets don’t fly,” Ukraine President Zelensky said.

Ukraine President Ready For Peace Talks With Russia, But Not In Belarus

Prior, Russian President Putin’s representative Dmitry Peskov had said, “Russia is as of now prepared for talks in Gomel. Presently Moscow is sitting tight for the Ukrainians.”

‘The Previous Evening Was Brutal’: Zelensky

Also, Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed on Sunday that the Russian assaults had been ‘severe’. He said regular citizen foundation had been bombarded by Russian powers.

“The previous evening was merciless. They assaulted regular citizen regions where there is no tactical framework. The involving powers are assaulting everything, including ambulances,” he said.

Ukraine President Ready For Peace Talks With Russia, But Not In Belarus

Russia announced battle on Ukraine on Thursday, February 24. Since the time the Russian powers have been sending off strikes on army installations and different spots across Ukraine. Russian soldiers are likewise endeavoring to advance toward the capital city of Kyiv.

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