Travelers Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

This news will not delight fans at all. Unfortunately, Travelers Season 4 has been canceled. It has been said that the streaming site Netflix has turned the showdown. You must be curious to know the reasons why! Read further to know more!

Travelers is a science-fiction television series produced by Eric McCormack. It is created by Brad Wright, and has 3 seasons released yet. The series stars Eric  McCormackMackenzie PorterJared AbrahamsonNesta CooperReilly Dolman, and Patrick Gilmore in main roles.

Its original networks are Netflix (worldwide) and Showcase (Canada), but Showcase only premiered the first two seasons and Netflix has become the only distributor. In Canada, the series aired on 17 October 2016, but worldwide, it aired on 23 December 2016. A second season followed in 2017, and a third season was released on December 14, 2018.

Travelers: Highlights

This story is set in a world where humans are trying hard to survive by sending consciousness back through time into people living in the 21st century. Here agents are allocated random human bodies to live in while simultaneously performing their mission.

While working as a team, they have to continue keeping valuable relationships related to humans, only learning that it is as complicated as tasks are. Along with the complex nature and carrying our missions, can it all be enough to save humanity from a terrible future?

Travelers Season 4: Release Date

The show has been canceled by Netflix, without any proper reasons as to explain why. So, there is no release date as of yet.

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Travelers Season 4: Cast

As the season is canceled, there is no confirmed cast. But if it is ever made, we can expect Marcy Warton, Trevor Holden, Reilly Dolman, Patrick Gilmore, Grant Mc Laren, Nesta Cooper, Mackenzie Porter, and more.


Travelers Season 4: Plot

In the last season, Mac goes back 17 years into the body of his present host,. He writes an email to the Director that says, “Traveler program will fail.” “Do not send number 001.” It appears to work since the Traveler program version one status reads, “FAIL,” at the end of the finale. In the possible season 4, if it is ever made, the second program version will come into play and the story will move forward from that.

Is Travelers Season 4 canceled?

Yes! Travelers Season 4 is not going to release as it has been canceled by Netflix. Eric McCormack posted a touching video on Twitter, related to this. Travelers have garnered a lot of fans in no time, and season 3 was a huge hit. Fans are disappointed as there is no explanation for the call-off whatsoever.

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