Front Mission Comes Back in its HD Remake

Nintendo has stated that the remake, Front Mission 1st, will be released this summer on the company’s hybrid gaming machine.

The studio also stated that Front Mission 2 will be remade on the Nintendo Switch, though no release date or timeframe was given.

Front Mission: Game Features a Modern Mode With Improved Controls

The world’s battles in 2090 will be waged using massive war machines known as Wanzers. Huffman Island is a hotspot of tension since it is the only site where the Oceania Cooperative Union (OCU) and the Unified Continental States (UCS) share a land boundary.

Captain Royd Clive’s O.C.U. reconnaissance squad is sent to examine a U.C.S. armaments production.

They are assaulted by U.C.S. Wanzers, which sets in motion a chain of events that throws the entire island into chaos. Lieutenant Karen Meure, Royd’s fiancée, is reported lost in action.

After being discharged from the military, Royd decides to find out what happened to Karen. His investigation gets him closer to the truth about the tragedy and the forces who arranged it.

Front Mission is the traditional tactical Japanese RPG genre, finally available globally, with hundreds of people to meet, a mature tale, and non-Manichean protagonists.

Front Mission: Announcement

Nintendo has confirmed the release of two Front Mission remakes. The first, Front Mission 1st, will be released this summer, and the sequel will be released later. In 1995, the Super Famicom saw the release of this turn-based strategy game.

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Aside from the original game, the creators are also working on a remake of the series’ second game, Front Mission 2, which will be released at some point in the future.

Front Mission is an intriguing option for reviving relevance in 2022. Front Mission could be the place to go if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at tactical RPG mech warfare.

Position and maneuver your forces across the battlefield, aiming for the enemy in a planned manner. Perhaps this revamp will reintroduce the mechanized warfare franchise to a wider audience!

Despite the fact that these games are remakes of the original titles, the brand is sure to gain a new fan base with this remake game. Because Front Mission 2 was previously exclusively available in Japan, it may now be experienced by a far larger audience.

Not to mention that many Switch gamers are unlikely to recall the first Front Mission, which was released in 1995, and will be introduced to the series for the first time.

Switch enthusiasts searching for a classic tactical role-playing game experience on their contemporary platform will like this; those who are truly committed to the game’s environment will be blown away by this version.

Despite the lack of information on the second game, it is reasonable to believe that the announcement of both Front Mission titles shows.

This might signify a variety of things since the Front Mission series has spawned genre-bending spin-offs such as a real-time strategy game and even an MMO.

There might be a lot more in the works for Front Mission on Switch. So keep an eye out!!!

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