Ukraine And Russia Crisis Continues to Grow Severe: WW3

Ukraine and Russia crisis continue to grow severe. On Thursday Russian President Vladimir Putin started his mission officially to invade it. Earlier there were reports that suggested that if the tension between the two rivalries continued further, it would lead to world war three. However, Putin continuously denied that he was planning to do something like that.

Joe Biden president of the US also warned Putin before to not take any step for invasion or it will lead to a problematic situation. But now when Ukraine people and government needed him the most, Biden seems to back off from his words.

Ukraine and Russia ' s crisis continues to grow severe : WW3

Russian forces have forced residents to flee and even killed 40 soldiers and 10 civilians.  Russian forces have hit the Ukraine border from north, southeast, and west.  Giving reason for the attack on television, Putin accused the US and its team of ignoring Russia’s demands to block Ukraine from joining NATO.

Russia openly said that it is attacking military targets, as result explosions were heard in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa. He also said that he is doing this to protect Russian citizens who are subjected to ” genocide “in Ukraine.

Putting never wanted Ukraine to join Nato. But in January last year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked  US President Joe Biden to let Ukraine join Nato.

This greatly angered Russia as it does not want Ukraine to move towards European institutions such as Nato and the EU. However, these the not the only reason, souces also say that maybe it is because of history.

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Russia considers Ukraine within its border of influence. According to Wikipedia, Most of it was for centuries part of the Russian Empire, many Ukrainians are native Russian speakers and the country was part of the Soviet Union until winning independence in 1991.

Apart from all this, there are mixed reactions from civilians as some are confident that Russia will never be able to invade Ukraine.  However, some have already taken precautions and security in case the situation gets worse. Let’s see what happens.

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