As Russian Troops Enter Into Ukraine to Maintain Peace, USA Calls it Hoax

As Russian troops enter into Ukraine,  the United States of America is busy imposing sanctions on it. The USA is also trying to garner international support to mount enough pressure on the Russian President to withdraw his troops. Read out this article to know more about the Russian invasion into Ukraine, sanctions imposed on Russia, and the likely global response to such invasion.

Why are Russian Troops Entering Ukraine

As Russian troops enter Ukraine, one is bound to recollect the happenings of 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea and occupied it. Ukraine was a part of Russia among other nations and was collectively called the Soviet Union.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine gained independence. However, several provinces of Ukraine continue to face protests by certain groups who want their provinces to be independent sovereigns.

Russia has been using the pretext of these protests to let the Russian troops enter Ukraine. However, the USA is apprehensive that it in fact Russia has been causing these protests and is now using them as an alibi to invade Ukraine. Russia has now unilaterally recognized Ukrainian provinces Luhansk and Donetsk as  “People’s Republic”.

Another possible reason behind Russia’s military action against Ukraine can be the apprehension that Ukraine may join North Atlantic Treaty Alliance Or NATO. NATO is an alliance between mostly European and North American Regions as per which an attack against any of these nations belonging to the bloc will be construed as an attack against all the NATO members. Russia isn’t happy with the willingness of Ukraine to join NATO.

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How Will The World Act as Russian Troops Enter Ukraine?

A mixed response from the world can be expected. Countries like India have taken a neutral stance until now. Countries like the USA, on the other hand, will stridently oppose any military action by Russia.

Joe Biden is likely to come under heavy pressure both domestically and internationally. The fact that Russia didn’t even attempt to invade Ukraine during the incumbency of former US President Donald Trump is going to compound Mr. Biden’s troubles.

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