Today is a Happy Twosday and its both a Palindrome and an Ambigram

Today’s date , 22 February 2022 is a unique as its a palindrome as well as an ambigram as the date falls on Tuesday netizens have started calling it “Twosday”. 22 February 2022, written as 22-02-2022 numerically is a palindrome as it read same as backwards as well as forward                                                                                                                    The next time a palindrome date will occur happen again will be on 3rd February 2030 which can be numerically written as 03-02-2030.

what made today’s date even more interesting was that it is also an ambigram meaning that would read the same even if. Aziz Inan professor in electrical engineering at the University of Portland at Oregon told CNN that he believed these unique dates have a magical power in terms of getting people’s attention irrespective of age.

Netizens React to Palindrome Day

Social media is abuzz with posts about palindrome day and people have even started calling it “towsday as it also falls on Tuesday”. someone of netizens even pointed out that is not only a palindrome day but the week is palindrome week. one social media wrote, ” 22-02-2022 as 2’sday on Tuesday”!! Last of its kind we got of its kind to see this lifetime.

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Even Delhi police took to their official Twitter handle to react to the palindrome date. Delhi police tweeted Happy Towsday people since its 20-02-2022today we remind you to think twice about your MOM and DAD before you speed.                                                            Reliance Jio too joined Netizens to celebrate the unique date. Reline Jio made use of palindrome day to ask their customers to recharge their phones. the university of Oxford also marked palindrome day, Twosday as Tuesday.

For example, if written in the American format (2/20/2022), the 20th of February 2022 can also become on. Remarkable every year since 2011 has 10 consecutive palindromes in this format. in 2011 compiled a list of palindrome dates in the current century in the mm-dd-yyyy format. The first palindrome date in the century was on October 2, 2011 and September 2, 2090 will be the last palindrome date of this history.

22-02-2022 is a rare and a special date its palindrome and an ambigram. on 22 February 2022 the UK will have its first and only date of 2022 that is both a palindrome and an ambigram



World observes 'Twosday' today as dates' numbers line up unique figure - The News 2 Day

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