Spy X Family Volume 7: Release Date And Read Manga online

Spy x Family volume 7 is a popular Japanese Manga series. It is written and directed by Tatsuya Endo. This series consists of a total of 8 volumes.


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Spy X Family Volume 7: Highlights

The story revolves around a secret agent who has to construct a family to carry out an assignment, not understanding that the girl he espouse as a daughter and the woman he accepts to be in a forgery marriage with are a brain reader and a killer, respectively.

Spy X Family Volume 7: Release Date

This English translation of this series will be released on the 5th of April, 2022. So, you have to wait a little more to watch your favorite manga series. The original Japanese version of this series was released on June 4, 2021.

It has been published weekly for free on the Shōnen Jump+ application and the website since March 25, 2019. The total length of vol 7 is 200 pages.

Spy x Family
Spy x Family

Spy X Family Volume 7: Spoilers

The spoilers of this series have not been released yet. Till now we have seen, Master secret agent Twilight is exceptional when it comes to going secretly on menacing assignments for the improvement of the world. But when he gets the eventual mission, to get married and have a kid, he may ultimately be above his mind.

As Donovan Desmond is about to share a bit of infrequent family moment with his son Damian, Twilight slits in to meet up with his quarry eye to eye for the first time.

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Where To Read The Manga Online

You can read this series on Viz Media’s official website. Viz Media has licensed the English translations of this series in North America. This is a popular manga series that is loved by most of the people. Manga series are like Comics and comics never bore anyone. Reading comics can be stress-free. Manga series became popular during the lockdown period. People now prefer to watch more Manga series.

Volume 7
Volume 7

Spy X Family: Major Characters

  • Twilight/ Loid Forger
  • Thorn Princess
  • Anya Forger
  • Bond Forger
  • Damian Desmond
  • Becky Blackbell
  • Yuri Briar
  • Franky
  • Sylvia Sherwood
  • Fiona Frost

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