Black Clover Chapter 325: Release Date and Red Manga Online

Black Clover Chapter 325: Black Clover is nothing short of amazing. The manga series has only been further popularized by the anime adaptation. Many fans of the series dote ardently on the series for its incredible art and action packed scenes. If you are one of the fans wanting to know when the new chapter will come out and how far the story has progressed, do keep reading…

Black Clover Chapter 324: Highlights

In chapter 324, fans got their long-awaited wish of seeing Yami Sukehiro back in action fulfilled. The captain of the Black Bulls along with the vice-captain Nacht takes on the supreme devil Lucifero.

Nacht fights alongside his old friend with renewed vigor and strength. They manage to land an injury on Lucifero and he acknowledges the strength of the humans. He realized their potential as powerful creatures and knows that they can “end” him. This makes him realize that he will now have to fight seriously with all his strength at his disposal.

As Yami and Nacht realize that Lucifero is starting to get serious, they call on Asta and Yuno to join the fight. Both of them are quite injured but they are all the more eager to fight with the older Black Bull duo.

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Black Clover Chapter 325: Release Date and Where to Read.

The chapter has, without a doubt, ended on a really high note and fans are at the edge of their seats to know what happens next. If you want to find out who will win the fight between Lucifero and the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom, you will have to wait till Sunday, March 6 to find out. The chapter will release at 8:30 on MangaPlus, where it can be read online for free. We recommend you to read the manga from legal sources as it supports the creator and the industry.

Black Clover: Main Characters.

The main characters in Black Clover are:-

  • Asta
  • Yuno
  • Noelle Silva
  • Mimosa Vermillion
  • Yami Sukehiro
  • William Vangeance

and many more…

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