Frieren: Beyond Journey End Volume 4: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Frieren: Beyond Journey End Volume 4 is a Japanese Manga series. It is written by Kanehito Yamada and directed by Tsukasa Abe. It is an adventure, drama, and fantasy manga series.

Frieren: Beyond Journey End Volume 4: Highlights

The story revolves around elven mage Frieren, a former member of the party of adventurers who won against the Demon King and replaced consonance to the world after a ten- year- of pursuit.

 Previously, the courageous group included Frieren, human hero Himmel, dwarven warrior Eisen and human priest Heiter. Before the surrender, they noticed the Era Meteors together, a meteor shower that occurs once in fifty years.

Frieren: Beyond Journey End Volume 4: Release Date

This manga series will be released on the 17th of May, 2022. This series consists of total 6 volumes. It has been published in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday since April 2020. The English translations of this series is licensed by Viz Media in North America.

Frieren: Beyond Journey End Volume 4: Spoilers

The spoilers of this series have not been released yet. Till vol 3 we have seen, For nearly ten years, elf mage Frieren traveled with Himmel the hero, Heiter the priest, and Eisen the dwarf warrior as they pursued to demolish the demon king.

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At the end of their journey, Frieren moves out on her own, not fully understanding how differently time flows for her comparison to her human partners. Reassembled after fifty years only to look at them perish and die, Frieren starts to think about the nature of connections at a time when it’s already too late to say goodbye.

Frieren: Beyond Journey End Volume 4: Read The Manga Online

You can read this series on the official website of Viz Media. Manga series are like Comics and comics never bore anyone. Reading comics can be stress-free. Manga series gained huge popularity during the lockdown period. People now prefer to watch more Manga series.

Frieren: Beyond Journey End: Major characters

  • Frieren
  • Fern
  • Himmel
  • Heiter
  • Eisen
  • Stark
  • Sein
  • Flamme
  • Serie

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